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Squier CV 60’s Strat vs. G&L Tribute Legacy Strat


I own a Squier Classic Vibe 60's Strat. It's all stock and being used for recording only. It suits my purposes. Lately, I've seen a G&L Tribute Legacy Strat that I could upgrade the Squier for. I'm just not sure whether I'm considering a change just for the sake of change or whether the G&L would be an improvement in terms of playability, tone, and fit/finish. Does anyone have any experience with this G&L model? Would a change be worthwhile?


I had both. I preferred the neck on the Squier. The only thing I would consider better about the G&L is the tremolo. I think it comes down to the sound you want. I hope you get to play it for awhile before you trade.


Thanks Bob. Was the G&L neck a fat "C"? My Squier neck feels like a skinny "C" to me and I agree that the neck feels good to me, which is why I have kept it so far.


I don’t know. Similar but a bit bigger. I just like the feel of the Classic Vibe neck. Much like the CV Tele which is one of the ones I kept. I also have a CV Duo Sonic and a VM JazzMaster. I sold both strats. Just not the tones I’m looking for.

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