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Songs You Just Listen Over and Over Again


No matter how deep the blackness of my mood, if I listen to this on a loop I will feel okay, even happy. I love everything about this song, the guitar, and his mesmerizing to me vocals, except that it is an "obscure" or "deep cut" of George's because he was "forced" to leave it off of Somewhere in England. I finally got my copy of Songs of George Harrison, illustrated in watercolor by Ken West, and there it was on a CD tucked into the pocket. if you want it on a loop, I will give you both options. (Here's the Repeater option for YouTube:

https://www.youtuberepeater... )


These just move me for whatever reason. 1. Running from Mercy by Rickie Lee Jones 2.Compared to What by Eddie Harris and Les Mccann 3.The Monkey Speaks His Mind by Andre Williams


This song. Not just the video but the song on CD or way back when on record. Of course this video is great because Jennifer Connelly looks so beautiful.

I love the melody, the guitar, synth, effects, and rhythm. The whole thing I listened to over and over again and still do but not as much. Never grow tired of it.


Whenever I start a new cover tune, I binge listen to it until I'm finished recording the cover. The last one completed was my version of Chris Isaak's "Blue Hotel" (came out sounding really good). The current work-in-progress is based on Ashley Campbell's (Glen's daughter) version of this Townes Van Zandt tune.

– beatbyrd

Thanks, I had not heard this version. The original by Van Zandt is one of my favorite songs to play acoustic and solo. The original has always felt very personal to me for some reason. Then of course there is the cover by Willie and Merle, a complete gem. Love to hear your version when its done.


Charlie Feathers "Can't Hardly Stand It" ...just the most dangerous sounding riff I ever heard. "I'm Shakin'" by Little Willie John...such a great vocal.

...and whenever I put on "Nothin' But A Heartache" by The Flirtations I have to listen to it several times in row. That song always picks me up!


The Smiths There is a Light That Never Goes Out is one for me, This Night has Opened My Eyes is another. And this:


Margaritaville, among others.


I seem to listen to this over and over again. I love the studio version but I love the acoustic version that Andy Farriss does here for some Australian TV interview show -


My current obsession:

Particularly the piano solo near the end. But it's all so good I can't ever skip any of the 12 minutes.

Other recent ones were '60s folk/folk rock. It started with We Five's "You Were on My Mind," and branched out to stuff like The Seekers, Ian & Sylvia, and the cheeseball extreme of Joey Powers.

Before that, I went through about a year of obsessive listening to The Every Brothers. "Crying in the Rain" and "Love Hurts" in particular.


For me, it's lots of '60s and '70s music, then, anything by Linda Ronstadt, Warren Zevon, John Hiatt, or Ry Cooder. Chess, STAX and Muscle Shoals are on the playlist as well. Can't forget Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, either. Then, there's plenty of classical, and plenty of Irish folk music.


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A benefit of working alone is I can play a song over and over and I don’t annoy anyone. This is one that I’ve listened to more than once.


I'm a fan of Paul Pena and talk him up when I can, he remains so largely unsung. He was a multi-instrumentalist songwriter, who possessed one of the most soulful voices I've ever heard.
Pena was the subject of the documentary 'Ghengis Blues', as he had taught himself Tuvan throat singing techniques. Some might know that he penned the Steve Miller hit; 'Jet Airliner', which first appeared on Pena's 1973 album 'New Train'. It's a remarkable and rich album, which includes this simple tune that has an infectious reggae beat. It always lifts my mood and gets my foot tapping, especially while out driving.


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The Waterboys - "December"

  • it's just two chords so it is extremely hypnotic

  • it has a Bellzouki! That strange instrument that Danelectro produced in the '60s. What a sound. Mandolin like, but deeper and stronger, and then chimey like a 12 string Ric...all over "December" and it just lifts the listener up to heaven.

  • lyrically the song is soooo uplifting (lines are liberally stolen from TS Eliot and Dylan). I'm not going to tell anyone what to do, but look up the lyrics to "December" - there is no song on Earth quite like it. The last line about Jesus is the single greatest line in music history. So spot on correct, yet so enigmatic. I have spent decades of my life grappling with that line. It is wondrous.


Nearly every Friday evening is music night at my house. Not so much playing, but listening. About a yr. ago, I turned her on to Gary Moore. Now I can't stand to listen one more time to "Still got the Blues "or "Parisianne Walkways". I do love me some Augie Meyers, and some Doug Sahm or Texas Tornado's. I'll listen to "Hey baby, Que Paso"? or "Amor" or "She's about a Mover" till the sun comes up however. It's the Texas chicano in me I guess, about as close to Norteno as I'ma gonna get in Hawaii.


Paul Williams, "You and me against the world" the tempo changes sneak up and surprise Ya! And another is "Save me a dream" there is a quality about his voice that if you close your eyes and listen to the words is mesmerizing!


Baby Blue Eyes - Stray Cats

Never gets old. I can have the computer on shuffle and this song can come along right after Raining Blood, I won't click next.


"Girl You Want" - Devo

"Circles" - Bob Mould

"Dad's Gonna Kill Me" - Richard Thompson

"Funk Pop A Roll" - XTC


Tonight it’s “Undone” by Mercy Music.


All Good People - Yes You A'int Goin' Nowhere - Byrds The End is Not in Sight - Amazing Rhythm Aces


This song. When this song came out I listened to it over and over again. Still love it.


"Girl You Want" - Devo

"Circles" - Bob Mould

"Dad's Gonna Kill Me" - Richard Thompson

"Funk Pop A Roll" - XTC

– crowbone

Wow . . . I'd never heard that RT song until now.

Powerful songwriting & playing.

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