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Songs You Just Listen Over and Over Again


This sort of is along the lines "What are you listening to now", but what songs are you listening to over and over and never grow tired of? This could change over time. There may be a song that you love a lot but aren't listening to a lot now but may have in the past but now listening to something else a lot.

For me I am listening a lot of this over and over again every day for a week. Always loved it but this is the one. I guess sort of like having a song stuck in your head but this time how about listening to over and over again -


Also a lot of

"Diamond Head" by The Ventures. "Everyday is Like Sunday" by Morrissey. Not only the song but love the video. Always loved the main actress Lucette Henderson. She's also in the "Stop Me ..." video but she looks a lot different and doesn't have much screen time. She's one of Morrissey's army members if you get what I mean. I even lover her name.

Those are the songs but in the past I would listen to these over and over again -

"Rock Around The Clock" by Bill Haley and His Comets "La Bamba" by Ritchie Valens "Earth Angel" by The Penguins "Tequila" by The Champs "The Killing Moon" by Echo and the Bunnymen

Those were from the past but still listen to but not as obsessively. There are more, it rotates. So what are you listening to over and over again and what in the past that's not in your current obsessive rotation.


The Beatles entire catalog . . .


Whenever I start a new cover tune, I binge listen to it until I'm finished recording the cover. The last one completed was my version of Chris Isaak's "Blue Hotel" (came out sounding really good). The current work-in-progress is based on Ashley Campbell's (Glen's daughter) version of this Townes Van Zandt tune.


Strange that Morrissey/ The Smiths is mentioned so much only this far into a thread. But the only Smiths song I’ve ever heard that I liked is one I love and listen to over and over and over. It puts me in a kind of trance. “Paint A Vulgar Picture”. Awesomely feel-good and horribly sad at the same time.


Strange that Morrissey/ The Smiths is mentioned so much only this far into a thread. But the only Smiths song I’ve ever heard that I liked is one I love and listen to over and over and over. It puts me in a kind of trance. “Paint A Vulgar Picture”. Awesomely feel-good and horribly sad at the same time.

– Troy6120

Great song you chose. Yeah I know what you mean by Awesomely feel-good and horribly sad at the same time. Morrissey and The Smiths were great at coming up with really happy sounding music but embedded with lyrics that often times were dreadful. I don't mean bad lyric writing but dreadful meaning to the lyrics. Normally songs that are about sad subjects sound sad but they did something different and that is a stroke of genius.


I had better stop. I could go all day.


Bob those are great choices. Don't Worry Baby is one in the past that was my current obsession and listened to over and over again every day for days. Still love it but not part of my obsession.


Great thread, as I can get quite obsessed with music:

When I was 12, I listened to "Imagine" so many times mom said, "That's a nice song but do you have to keep listening to it so much ?" Also:

Miles Davis Sketches of Spain

Dusty Springfield The Look of Love

Kyoto Koto Ensemble The Four Seasons

Neil Young Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

Nancy Sinatra, Lee Hazelwood, Duane Eddy She Won't

...just to name a few....


Unless I'm studying a particular song for a specific purpose, I listen to albums more than I do individual songs. So the following are all albums I've listened to dozens or hundreds of times over the years:

  • All of the Beatles' catalog
  • Sons of Champlin - Loosen Up Naturally, the Sons (blue album), Follow Your Heart, Welcome To The Dance, the "Gold Mine" album, A Circle Filled With Love
  • Santana - First and Third albums (both titled "Santana"), Abraxas, Caravanserai, Lotus, Welcome, Borboletta, Moonflower
  • Carlos Santana (solo albums) - Illuminations, Oneness, The Swing of Delight, Blues for Salvador
  • John Coltrane - My Favorite Things, Giant Steps, Impressions, A Love Supreme, Expression
  • Miles Davis - Kind of Blue, Sketches of Spain, In A Silent Way, Bitches Brew, Jack Johnson
  • Charles Lloyd Quartet - Forest Flower
  • Gary Burton Quartet - Live at Carnegie Hall
  • Horace Silver - Song For My Father, You Gotta Take A Little Love
  • Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out
  • Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay
  • Bobby Hutcherson - Now, San Francisco
  • Jimmy Smith - Back At The Chicken Shack, the Sermon, Home Cookin', Organ Grinder Swing
  • the Mahavishnu Orchestra --- The Inner Mounting Flame, Birds of Fire, Between Nothingness and Eternity, Apocalypse, Visions of the Emerald Beyond
  • John McLaughlin - My Goal's Beyond
  • Weather Report - first album, Black Market, Heavy Weather, 8:30
  • Chick Corea - Return to Forever, Light As A Feather, No Mystery
  • George Duke - Reach For It, Don't Let Go, A Brazilian Love Affair
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers - Catch A Fire, Rastaman Vibration, Live, Exodus, Kaya, Babylon By Bus, Survival, Uprising, Songs of Freedom
  • Third World - 96 Degrees In The Shade, Journey To Addis, The Story's Been Told, Arise In Harmony, Prisoner In The Street, Rock The World, You've Got The Power, All The Way Strong, Serious Business, Committed
  • Peter Tosh - Equal Rights
  • Bunny Wailer - Blackheart Man
  • Judy Mowatt - Black Woman, Working Wonders, Love Is Overdue
  • Steel Pulse - True Democracy, Earth Crisis, Babylon the Bandit
  • Chicago - the first three albums, Hot Streets, Night and Day, Stone of Sisyphus
  • Tower of Power - East Bay Grease, Bump City, Tower of Power, Back To Oakland
  • Ravi Shankar - Portrait of Genius, Live at Monterey, Music Festival from India
  • Salif Keita - Soro, Ko-Yan
  • Milton Nascimento - Courage, Milton (Brazilian release), Milton (American release - different songs), Minas, Geraes, Sentinela, Anima, Journey to Dawn, Milagre dos Peixes, Encontros e Despedidas, A Barca dos Amantes, Angelus
  • Airto Moreira - Free, Fingers, Virgin Land, Identity, Promises Of The Sun, I'm Fine - How Are You?, Touching Me, Touching You
  • Flora Purim - Butterfly Dreams, Stories To Tell, Open Your Eyes You Can Fly, Nothing Will Be As It Was, Carry On
  • Jefferson Airplane - the first six albums through Volunteers
  • Grateful Dead - first album, Anthem Of The Sun, Live Dead
  • Quicksilver Messenger Service - first album, Happy Trails, Just For Love, What About Me
  • Moby Grape - first album, Wow, Grape Jam, Vintage Grape, Legendary Grape
  • Cream - Fresh Cream, Disraeli Gears, Wheels of Fire
  • Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced, Axis: Bold As Love, Electric Ladyland, The Cry of Love (now part of First Rays of the New Rising Sun)

For some reason I have been obsessed with looping Foo Fighters songs, lately. Hey, at least it isn't Nickelback.


"Stockholm Syndrome" by Muse is one I can listen to repeatedly.

Thomas Tallis "If Ye Love Me". Tallis was a 16th century English cathedral composer. "If Ye Love Me" is an acapella choral anthem and is 3 minutes of sublime perfection.

"Back on Terra Ferma" - Hellecasters


Man I could come up with a list of songs that stretch from here to Columbus across different styles and genres. But if it had to be one......desert island song........ then this:


This is one I used to listen to over and over again and still love it -


This is one I used to listen to over and over again and still love it -

– ThePolecats

Always loved Sid’s tongue-in-cheek version but the video makes me sad. I always felt sorry for that young man.


I NEVER get tired of "Moonlight Serenade" by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra.


Just about anything by The Sadies...They’re just masterful musicians and storytellers. The chorus on this one gives me goosebumps.


this is kind of impossible to answer, cos i'm the sort who will listen to a song i like on the car deck, yell "RE-WIND!", and play it over again. but ones i can think of offhand include:

"Halcyon+On+On" by Orbital. i once programmed my portable CD player to play this ~10:00 track for the entire 45 min.+ train commute to work. a song you could live in comfortably and never come out. as well as a potent argument against the "EDM isn't music" claque.

"Stay Beautiful" by Manic Street Preachers. the instrumental passage following "why don't you just..." in the chorus (e.g. at 0:54) makes me do weird conducting-the-music gestures every time. i pretty much listen to this one every morning to get awake enough to work.

"Totally Wired" by The Fall. cos it makes me that way.

"New You" by My Bloody Valentine. this disc never plays near me without this track being repeated 3 or 4 times.


oh, and this one:

chill bumps over my entire body. y'all should hear them play this live.


and this one, from the little-loved swan song of the Jefferson Airplane, one of Paul Kantner's most kinetic compositions, featuring incredible bass-playing by the magnificent Jack Casady. had to try to get one old song in there even though most of what i listen to nowadays is post-1980 cos i just plain got tired of the 60s/70s stuff.


Dire Straits, "Your Latest Trick."

Or just about anything by Mark Knopfler, but "Silvertown Blues" and "Boom, Like That" are way up there.


Celtic New Year goes through my mind quite often. Makes me realize that I have one person that I can always depend on regardless of where I may be.

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