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Songs To Listen To During This Coronavirus Outbreak


And just because it's so beautiful - this band seems not to know how to play a dud song. Incredible live act too.


As I mentioned in my previous post, David Willcox, from Ashville NC, is my favorite singer songwriter. If you liked "Three Brothers", here's a whole live concert, Just David and his Rainsong acoustic guitar. David used to tour with his Olson Adirondack Spruce top guitar, but he switched to the carbon fiber Rainsong about 10 years ago. It's sounds amazing, and can handle the rigors of the road and climate changes much better. The Olsen is fitted with ancient Woolly Mammoth Ivory (nut, bridge saddle, and string pegs), and he didn't want that one of a kind, handmade guitar to get stolen or damaged. This is David, live at the Camp House. He plays everything in alternate tunings, and changes between tunings on the fly. He also uses capo's that have sections cut out, and can be played on both sides. David plays original Folk Americana type music, in a rigorous fingerstyle.


I've seen David Wilcox open for Richard Thompson...he was really good!


That must have been a great concert, Crow. I really like David Wilcox, but have yet to see him live. I came really close last year when he was scheduled to do an outdoor gig at a gazebo in Bryn Mawr, PA where they do summer concerts, but it was raining like crazy. Maybe this year.. Always liked "Eye of the Hurricane", and his take on "Walk Away Renee". Good stuff..


Some of what artists are putting out from their homes is pretty amazing during these times - along the lines of what Kevin posted of Neil Diamond.

Raul Malo has been doing "Quarantunes".. He's released about four so far. Here he is doing Spanish Eyes:


Here's Raul doing "Ramblin' Rose":


I really dig Marcus King. Here he is doing Dylan's "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You":

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