Miscellaneous Rumbles

something has come over me…


I'm thinking of going back to using 9's (!!!) it's been 20 years at least. Slowly climbing down from 12s only 4 for or 5 years ago.... I am just old and lazy now. Maybe that's it.


I thought I’d never use ANY sting gauge lower than a .10. I wrestled with tension on a guitar and figured out 9s ain’t bad.


Nope. Not gonna do it. I don’t have a light touch and would butcher with 9’s. YMMV


I like 10s on 24.6 or 24.75" scale length guitars and 9s on 25.5" scale length guitars.


Maybe try 9.5s. I have been using D'Addarios and GHS Big Core Nickel Rockers in that gauge recently and love them.

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