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So was it really Marcello that ordered the hit on JFK?


Been reading a bit on this--all pretty compelling.



That’s supposed to be the straight scoop. And three hit men took took the contract, which was arranged in Marseille, if it’s all true. At least one of them was Corsican and he got paid in heroin, which he then sold off in Argentina, if memory serves. He was killed in 1972 in a firefight with police in Mexico City.


Have you read Fatal Hour?

Seriously, I'm getting into this.

And my Dad met Jack Ruby (we're from Dallas).

And Campesis in Dallas is still great!



That’s supposed to be the straight scoop. And three hit men took took the contract, which was arranged in Marseille, if it’s all true. At least one of them was Corsican and he got paid in heroin, which he then sold off in Argentina, if memory serves. He was killed in 1972 in a firefight with police in Mexico City.

– tubwompus

Lucien Sarti


This info is questionable. It begs the question: Why was there never a real investigation? Why did the FBI and CIA find nothing connecting the assassination to organized crime? Why are those two agencies stonewalling any attempts to release all the documents to this day? For me, this will always be a domestic event covered up by our own government. I feel Jim Garrison was on to the truth and was thwarted in every attempt to expose these people.


The FBI (Hoover) and CIA were directed not to find any links between the mob, the Cubans, and the elements within the government that wanted JFK (and Attorney General Bobby) out. If any documents still exist, their release would reveal too much complicity between organized crime and elements in the US government, so I doubt whether any will ever come to light.


Deep State? What Deep State? Move along folks; nothin' to see here.


Cool--I've got to watch this now.



That video series, 'The Men Who Killed Kennedy' is one of the most fascinating pieces of documentary I've ever seen. I watched it two or three times several years ago. I believe it was made over a ten year period, completed decades ago, and from what I understand, much of the evidence has been confirmed by recent government documents that were declassified. Parts of it are creepy, like the the segment on the brilliant young student whose goal was to find a cure for cancer, co-opted into developing a cancer causing serum intended for use on President Castro and its 'clinical trial' on a local prisoner.

Regardless of what one believes about the conspiricy, the information about the relationship between the CIA and the mob, between Jack Ruby and Oswald, interviews with the forensic doctors who were at the scene, eye witness accounts that were omitted from bioth Warren Commission reports, and President Johnson's background before he became VP......interesting stuff.


I will never believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did all of this on his own. Jack Ruby was ordered to silence him before he could divulge anything further. I will always believe that the Fed was behind the whole thing. I also believe the mafia was involved and I strongly believe LBJ was in on the whole deal, although in a willing puppet role. JFK had intentions of eliminating the Fed, or at least curtailing it's ability to control monetary policy. That was his undoing.


I'm shocked I've never seen the "Nix" film before. If I did, my brain isn't remember it.

At :15, there is a long flash of light, or something, just to the right of Zapruder who is standing on the wall filming. All interesting.



I'm going to watch the whole series tonight.



With all due respect to those posting here, may I respectfully suggest you read a book by investigative journalist Gerald Posner entitled "Case Closed". Most serious scholars of the Kennedy assassination conclude this is THE definitive book on the Kennedy assassination in which Posner is able to demonstrate CONCLUSIVELY with forensic evidence alone that Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy. All the rest of the conspiracy nonsense is just that -- nonsense. Before criticizing this post or trying to score points, read the book. It will open your eyes and clear away the fog and nonsense


I have the Posner book, bought it years ago.



While I simply do not believe that Oswald was emotionally stable enough nor to put it simply- intelligent enough to conceive, plan and enact the entire plot, I do believe that he did act alone on November 22nd.

I also have the Posner book, and it's been a long time since I read it. Maybe time for a re-read, however.


The feds should commission Posner to write another book - Case Closed, 911 - to try and convince the populace a rag-tag group of Arabs accomplished what happened on Sept 11th. Same 'premise' that Oswald acted alone. Overwhelming evidence in both cases.

A fascinating book on the Kennedy assassination is Stephen Hunter's The Third Bullet. Gives you pause..... It nothing else he craps on Oswald being capable of doing this himself.


Oh boy! This subject is right up my alley. With all due respect, I have read Posner's book and found it to leave more questions unanswered than answered. Posner's and Bugliosi's books were so ballyhooed by the MSM that it makes one realize that the media continues to blow it on this today as it helped with " going along " with the Warren Commission Report. One book you may find interesting is JFK and The Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why it Matters by James Douglass. It received almost no attention from the MSM and struggled to find a publisher. Half of the book is filled with research notes that the WC did not want to know about. The question that has always been on my mind is why, if LHO really did the deed, was the evidence put away for 75 years? A good place to study this is The Education Forum. It is loaded with excellent researchers and some of them make exhaustive studies of maybe a two hour window of time from that weekend, and they wring it out and come up with some fascinating finds. The rest of the world knew what happened, but it is very hard for we Americans to believe that it could happen here. JFK had many domestic enemies and they got the best of him and his policies. By the way, another good read, though not specifically about the JFK assassination, is The Devil's Chessboard. It's about the rise of the CIA after WWII and their leader Allen Dulles who just happened to get a spot on the Warren Commission "investigation".


I hate that we’ll never really know.

Like who were the other two guys that were with Sarti? Who was the fourth guy in the hard hat with him? And one theory has a second crew there that LBJ was behind but that seems a bit farfetched. But then, no way I can say that for sure, based on what I’ve seen or heard. Whoever covered it up made it open to a million possibilities. Helluva job! It wouldn’t completely shock me if Oswald wasn’t suckered into thinking he was there to stop the hit. No way we’ll ever know, of course, but you’ll never convince me that he did it, at least not with THAT rifle chambered in THAT cartridge from THAT distance with THAT scope, and not unless he was a FAR, FAR better shot than he was letting on...BUT...the headshot wasn’t from behind, anyway. I could go on and on, but I won’t. (You’re welcome. Hahaha)

And who put Ruby up to shooting LHO and how did they get him to do it? And what info did he have that was ignored by the fed or at least the fed never acknowledged hearing? Such a tangled mess. For me to start thinking about it all over again is masochistic.

Jeez, how I’d love to know.


I'm leaning toward Marcello and the Hoffa connection.


My deceased FIL was Tommy McFarland, he was the younger brother of Spanky of Our Gang and Little Rascals Fame. He was a short lived child actor and then never returned to the screen as big brother had taken the lead. He was what the Dallas Police called "a Character", a basic description of an organized crime figure that could not join the Mafia due to being Irish. He was however an "associate". I've been told the Marcello story so many times by him that he had no reason to tell me different.

Carlos Marcello hated the Kennedy's, especially Robert, who had him deported in the middle of the night in his underwear to Argentina. That one act probably cost Jack his life. Tommy said it was in the interest of both the Mob, and others to put out as much disinformation and theory as possible to sway the direction in well, another direction.

Tommy himself was killed by his best friend in Garland Texas over some loanshark money he owed to Tommy. They argued in the guys fruit stand and he shot Tommy 6 times.

His version however, always held Carlos Marcello, of the NOLA mob, and various other foreign nationals responsible. What is theorized here is basically the same story I've heard before.



Thank you for that!!!!!!

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