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So Cal fires


The fires raging here are miles from where I am in the San Fernando valley but the fall out is nuts. Today the sun was blocked out to where I could look at it with no problem through the haze of ash that has covered the valley. It's literally snowing ash here and the fog it produced has been terrible. I can't imagine what it's like to be closer to the fires. Now I get a sense of what you guys up north had to deal with.


The worst of the fires is very close to where I grew up, Taffy. The Hawaiian Village Apartments, which burned down, were very close to an apartment where my brother used to live. It is difficult to see that area in flames for me. The only thing worse would be if I were still living down there in it, as happened with FritzTheCat and CarolCat with the fires this past October.


The fires here were about the worst thing I've ever lived through. If you can, go somewhere temporarily to get away from the smoke; we didn't have to evacuate but left anyway. I don't know if that's possible down there though. Many, many people up here are still feeling the effects. Please do whatever you can to stay safe Taffy!


Hey Fritz, thank you for the concern mate but I'm actually due to leave California on friday to move out of state so I'll be leaving it behind me. I guess now is a good time to leave.


Thanks Wabash and Tim. It's getting pretty smoky here.


I hate the rain and humidity here in Indiana for how it effects my COPD. Keeps everything green and moist, tho, so, we have that going for us. The amount of devastation Californians have had to deal with this year is mind boggling.


this year has been really, really bad for California fires. i never saw it get this bad in 30+ years of living in CA. hope everyone stays safe.


Now the Getty Center is being threatened and several homes in Bel Air have been lost. The scene of the morning commute on the 405 through Sepulveda Pass is just crazy.


Pictures and video just blew my mind: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wi...

Stay safe

– Baxter

I was wondering if everyone on here is safe from the fires. The video Baxter posted is shocking me. My FB friends also posted quite a lot photos and videos and I can't even imagine how scary that must be. In case there are any members here who are in trouble due to the fires, I would love to help. I am sure many would follow from what I've seen on here before. Keep safe everyone in LA!


Stay safe guys!! I always think we have it bad with hurricanes on the coast but damn...big ass out of control fires close to home is scary is hell.

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