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Small headstock decal??


Hello, I'm new! I found a Corvette body and neck when I was about 18 for eight bucks! I've finally restored it (for the last time) to what I consider "perfect". Not fully original, but cool. Whoever owned it before had chopped off the top of the headstock to make it 3-in-a-row. I need to find some sort of small Gretsch" decal for the headstock as I can't stand that it doesn't . Can anyone help.


Well your screen name shows good taste in pickups and Gretsch model.. but that small Corvette decal was about the smallest ever ?

It's too bad Vettes only had traditional 3/3 headstock for a short time, but I think they changed it around the time the 4/2 Astro Jet came out.


It's not really what you're looking for, but you're welcome to this Gretsch 125th anniversary badge if you like.

Otherwise, I know a fella I Indiana with a real "G" brand...


That would be PERFECT! I just want "GRETSCH" on the headstock!


Thanks! I have a Hilo in the neck and a HS in the bridge on the Corvette. I also have a '67 Rally (not original pickguard) with Hilo'trons. They really are a great sounding pickup! Are you on the Hilo team as well?


Paul Setzer ought to be able to come up with something as well.


Got your PM. It's yours. Send me your address.

PS the adhesive on the back is gone, so you'll have to mount it with double sided tape or glue or something.


Who is Paul Setter? I hear his name a lot, but can't find much on google. Does he do guitar repairs, or make parts??

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