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What is the plural of Gretsch?

Gretsch--spelled the same, but still can signify multiple like "deer" or "fish" Gretschs Gretsches ?



I believe it is "No dear, I promise I only have one"


Gretsches. Words and names ending with "s, ss, x, z, ch, sh," get an “es” for pluralization.


I do like the idea of saying, "Hey, look at all those Gretsch grazing on chords in that field."

Addendum: Substitute "in that field" with "on that stage." I do like the sun hitting the wood though.



Maybe it's a flock if it's Falcons or a raft if you have a bunch of Penguins.


I thought that we had agreed that the proper term for a group of Gretsches was “a jangle.”


I figured that’d be a bunch of Rickenbackers. Could a group of Gretsches be referred to as a “twangle”? Or does that sound too much like Elmer Fudd?


Maybe think of Gretsch as a modifier and pluralize the object. "I have a number of Gretsch guitars."

Thing about "Gretsches" is that it comes too close to "Gretschens."

I have a number of Gretschens locked up in my basement.


Tubwompus is right---it's a twang of Gretsches.


Haha! Jopapa you are a bad man!


To me, someone who has a lot of guitars, has a $hitload......of Gretsches.

One benefit to not having a significant other is that you don't have to move them around.....or lie! Mine are all out and greet me when I come home.


I'm learning the "Gretsches" is most acceptable answer to my question, if not the only one.

Like seeing a pond of multiple fish, or a hill with multiple deer, I like the idea of owning multiple "Gretsch" instead of Gretsches, but I accept what is written.

As the flock of Gretsch graze along side the deer and moose, the sun cascades across their backs, gleaming through the wood-grain like...blah, blah, blah.


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