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Shuggie and Danman: Old friends finally meet!


You know that old saying, Danman, about great minds thinking along the same lines. But, here we even took it to the new height of thinking along the same lines at the exact same moment in time.

– Ric12string

I guess we just proved that that saying is true.... Not bad!


Who's who in the photo? And where was the photo taken? -- senojnad

Dan, that is Shuggie on the left and Danman on the right.

– Ric12string

Thanks Bob -- and Danman!!

It is a wonderful photo that conveys some really good and warm feelings!!

SO good to see and experience! This planet needs more of that stuff!


You got that right senojnad


Don't mention the rugby.


Cool! That's the spirit!


I won't Tony, I promise

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