Miscellaneous Rumbles

Serious email problems


My service provider decided to migrate a whole bunch of customers to their new super-fast, rockin'n'rollin' server, but the email they sent to warn me about it got filtered to my spam, so I had no idea of the steps I needed to take my side.

Consequently, I've been sending emails out for Lord knows how long that have been going nowhere. I've lost at least a couple of day's worth of incoming stuff too.

I think we're back on track, if you've been trying to reach me (I know, I'm not popular a guy, but humour me), or you're a customer of f-holes.co.uk that's not getting any reply...that's why.

That is the end of this public service announcement.


Well, Deke, we think you are a pretty popular guy. Merry Christmas.


To err is human.

To really screw things up takes a computer.

Hope it works out!

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