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seen @ JVs


Well, DC has long been known as a Telecaster-obsessed place, but with the likes of Roy Buchanan, Danny Gatton and their progeny -- also Bill Kirchen was around here for many years -- etc. I guess there's some basis for this. When I moved here was when I quit this cult.

But over at JVs (local roots music joint, around for over 60 years, when the first wave of bluegrass got here around 1950) they have a new cool T-shirt with requisite hot babe/Gretch iconography. I like the shark bite finish it has, just like WWII fighter planes; any real Gretsches been done up this way?


I'd like to have one. Do they sell online?


Check out my old buddy Karl Stoll and Danger Zone when he plays there. Call him K-Stow and tell him Charlie Frey told ya to!


My band plays, Gunsmoke and Cheap Perfume, plays there as well. It may be the coolest live music venue in the area. Lorraine supports the local music scene by having 9 bands a week there. Great place.


I played there a couple of years ago. Nice reception from people who didn’t know us.

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