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Seems I’m getting old…


About 30 years or so ago I badly stubbed the great toe of my right foot. I suspected it was broke, but I was young, stoopid and di'n need no steenking doctors so I let it be. About 10-15 years ago it started giving me a little jip in the cold weather, but nothing I couldn't handle - again, I let it be. 5 or so years ago the jip got more intense, more frequent and longer lasting - these days it hurts all the time, and I mean ALL.

I finally manned up and went to the doc's (yes fellas, it is more manly to go to the doc's than not go), had an x-ray, and today I was told it was...

Early Arthritic Changes.

Arthritis? How can that be? I may be technically in my mid-50s, but I'm still 16 in my head, I can't possibly have arthritis. I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to do when I grow up!

On the plus side it hurts less when I work it (actually that's not true; it hurts like hell when I work it, but the relentless daily pain is eased considerably after I've worked it), and I'm still upright and this side of the grass. Life ain't all bad.


Still, better than the alternative.

Cheers, and hope that's your worst problem!


When I was 14 I had three toes smashed playing cricket and over the years since I've managed to break five more and had an arthritic diagnosis before I was 40. Frankly it sucks. . .


Sucks getting old.

I had meniscus surgery on my knee this year. Didn't even see it coming but the Doc said it was an old injury that came to light after being on my knees on a hard floor for a few minutes. That's literally all I did. At least it wasn't as bad as the back surgery at 40. " I may be technically in my mid-50s, but I'm still 16 in my head"

I laughed my ass off,on that statement. I feel the same.


When I was 14 I had three toes smashed playing cricket and over the years since I've managed to break five more and had an arthritic diagnosis before I was 40. Frankly it sucks. . .

– Mr Tubs



Well, before I was twenty I had broken all of my fingers and most of my toes. While in the Marines I paralyzed my left arm and broke most of my fingers again. I'll be 50 this year and it's all starting to catch up with me. It really sucks. Arthritis in most of those joints and in my back. You get used to the pain. Slowing down is not an option. Later I'll tell you about my broken arm and all of my ribs that I broke. My broken nose can wait.


When you get older, you wind up feeling every stupid thing that you did as a kid. I've been blessed (?) with psoriatic arthritis. First noticed it in my teens. I tended to ignore it as much as possible. If I didn't ache in the morning I'd think that there was something seriously wrong.

On the plus side, it's given me one heck of a personal barometer. I'm notified 24-36 hours ahead of the storm.


I injured my ankle before gym class started in high school one day. This was the day we were being timed for the 100 yard dash. One teacher waived his arm to go and the other had the stop watch. He forgot to start the watch. I ran a second time only to see him laughing because he missed the clock again. Third time was the charm.

I went to work that night and my father had to come get me because I could not drive my sick shift. He called the doctor who told him to take me to the hospital for an X-ray. The doctor called the next day and wanted to see me immediately (Saturday morning) instead of Monday as planned. Years later I was talking to that gym teacher. He was still laughing about that day. Yeah, I feel your pain.


Back in the 80s when I was about 45 I was roller skating with the kids when I did something silly and fell and broke my wrist. Boo.

Here lately it's been bugging me every time I picked up a gitfiddle. Double Boo.

It's better today!

Yup, hadda leave the guitars at home during a week or so lounging in the hospital. The hardest work I did was dragging the IV Cart to the pottie and back!

Gotta get a new Pacemaker soon though, the built in Defibrillator smacked me a total of 37 times between freaking out at home while waiting for the Ambulance and on the way to hospital. What felt like 37 Mules kicking to get out one after the other, really drained the Battery!


Every so often,the knuckle joint on my left big toe reproaches me for dropping a Peavey CS-1000X on it back in the mid-'90s....


I've been pretty fortunate. I'm 61 1/2 and have nothing on my body that hurts or gives me trouble. If I do a lot of physical work, my lower back will ache but nothing an ibuprofen won't fix. However, I got told last week though that I now officially have high blood pressure 140/80 so I'll be going on that med in the next few weeks. I consider myself very blessed in the health department.


I broke my left arm when I was 6 (compound fracture), broke my nose on the same old B John Deere tractor when I was 10, broke and dis-located my left ankle back in 1985 when I was 36, compliments of a 1200 pound Hereford steer knocking me down and hitting my left foot with his foot while I was flat of my back.

I had a plate and 9 screws in that ankle for 2 years and then it started hurting and they had to come out. I sprained that ankle a few years ago and now I have to be extremely careful with it, and now I have some arthritis coming into it.


In theatre school back when I was a teen, I learned a lot of the tricks used in staging fights, falls and the like for plays and film. Falls were popular, and I fell down a lot. Yes, there were mats, but a fall is a fall. When you're a teen, you simply bounce up.

In my twenties, the theatre company that charged me money to learn these techniques offered to pay me to teach them to the next generation, so I did. Taught a little swordplay, choreographed several brawls, and explained/showed the proper way to take a fall.

And fell down all over again. Yes, a lot. Again, yes, there were mats, and when you're in your twenties, you just bounce back up.

Most of the time.

In my thirties, I survived a pretty good thump from a Chevy van whose operator made an illegal left turn into the crosswalk I happened to be occupying at the time. It tossed me several feet through the air, which was a good thing, because it gave my sub-conscious a chance to remember all those lessons. No mats this time, but I landed "properly", spreading the impact out to lower the force. And I bounced up, to the consternation of the folks in the nearby building., some of whom were certain I should be dead when they arrived out on the sidewalk! But no, I was alert, upright and on my feet.

Not exactly like before, but no bones were broken and I considered myself lucky.

But not long after that, my wife noticed that my habitual "morning limp" which has been part of my life since about the time we met was more pronounced and lasted longer into the day.

And it's been lasting longer every year since. One ankle and both my knees both have damage, my back has been twisted enough times that straight is the rarity, but none of it is so bad I need surgery. Just a little time each morning to get the kinks sorted out, straighten my legs a little, square the shoulders and now that I am over 60-

I try very hard NOT to fall down any more. On cue or otherwise.


All of this goes to show you that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Well, maybe not stronger, but hopefully a bit wiser.


yeah, ya gotta be tough to make it in old age. just wait until you suffer a case of gout. kidney stones ain't nothing. Advil has become my new friend.


Smashed tib and fib, smashed right radius and ulna, fractured left radius, fractured sternum, 3 ribs, fingers, toes and a few dislocations to boot. Pain is just weakness coming out.


If you are over 50, and only have arthritis in "1" toe, you are freakin' lucky!



I've got recent aches and pains, too. 54 isn't too old and I've been contemplating starting an exercise regimen to get back in shape. Most recently there's a pain in my left elbow area that won't go away. I haven't really done anything to it but it seems like every time I pass a door frame I just have to bump it, just enough to let me know it still hurts.

I learned falling techniques as well, Kevin. I learned mine in Judo classes as a young teen. Literally saved my life, at one point. I fell of the top of a Semi Tractor trailer on to a gravel parking lot. Knocked the wind out of me but luckily, unharmed.


You don't even want to get me started on this subject.

Suffice it to say my (increasing legions of) doctors all tell me, "You're in pretty good shape ... considering the shape you're in!"

All I can say is, "Thank god for Medicare and Mrs Jimi!"


If I didn't hurt in the mornings, I'd figure something was really wrong.

The aches are God's way of letting you know that you're still alive.


When I wake up in the morning and groan, my wife says, "What hurts?"

All too often I come back with the old nursery rhyme, "Head, shoulders, knees and toes, ... "


God, this website really is full of old men!



I hope Hitler has it, wherever he wound up.

That's all I'm gonna say.

But I'm regular, leastways.

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