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Schaller S-Locks - BEEFY!


I didn't realize it until they showed up, but Schaller strap locks got a lot beefier!

Been buying knock off Schallers over the years, Fender brand, etc. Picked up the "S-Locks" off Reverb recently - the retaining pin is twice as wide, the retaining ring has holes to use an allen wrench to tighten and then there's a set screw now on the retaining ring that you can tighten to ensure it doesn't spin off over time. I'm pretty dang impressed. I'm not going to retrofit all my guitars but it's good to know these much improved versions exist.


Yep. As soon as I tried those I was sold. Cheap and easy, they go on all the guitars now. Right up there with jack plates.


I hate to say it, but I had some older Schaller brand straplocks and they kept dis-engaging and dumped a guitar onto the floor.

It's reliced (naturally) but it's nice to know these newer ones won't let that happen.


I have a gold set on my White Falcon. They definitely feel superior to my other Schaller and Schaller knock-offs.


I've been a happy user for years. They came standard on my SSLVO. Still contemplating about putting a pair on my new acquisition because I really like the aesthetics of the classic Gretsch buttons that match the knobs and switch.

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