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Trying to decide on an amp.


Hi guys, so now that I'm back stateside I've sold off my Mesa 3R dusted off my old gretsch and picked up a new gretsch. Trying to get back to my Rockabilly roots. I'm going for a Eddie Cochran/ Guana Batz sound. I've been looking at the 57 custom twin, a hot rod delux, or a peavey delta blues. I had an old delta blues back in the 90's and it would break up really nicely. Just been out of the rockabilly/psychobilly game for about 16 years.


Also, if you have any other suggestions that aren't mentioned above, they would also be appreciated.


There's a big price difference between the delta-blues and 57 custom twin.

the delta blues sounds amazing in the clips with Darrel Higham playing them but my amp tech doesn't like the pcb design and said you could anticipate reliability issues. Some models did have a problem with reverb oscillation.

You're lucky to live in the US. So many great amp builders that make hand wired amps . I'd go down that rout if i was in the US. You get a new handwired amp without the reliability issues of vintage. There's a coupla builders on this forum and their focus is definitely rockabilly friendly amps


I miss my Delta Blues. While I'm sure the amp tech previously mentioned knows well more than most of us, does the fact that Darrel Hingham plays through a DB carry any weight ? Just sayin'.


It was actually Darrel that got me back in to rockabilly. However I'm not super concerned about the price. $2800 is about where I would like to stop. I must admit that the main reason im consider the DB is because I grew up in Mississippi and went out with Amanda Peavey 9-11th grade lol. Even though they are far removed from the company, they still maintain that old music shop John built in the 50's. They are good people.


Are you gigging or just playing at home? Wattage will make a difference. Look into Tavo's Nocturne amps, or a Vintage 47 as well for old school sounds. Powdog does some fine work as well as Jer/Mugsy at DeLisle. You could hunt for a Standell or a Magnatone, too. It all depends on what you hear in your head, doesn't it? That being said, the Delta Blues is one fine amp, and probably the cheapest of the bunch.


Hey, thanks for the suggestions. I hopefully will be gigging again in the fall. I have a pa so I'm not with volume as long as it pushes air.


I miss my Delta Blues. While I'm sure the amp tech previously mentioned knows well more than most of us, does the fact that Darrel Hingham plays through a DB carry any weight ? Just sayin'.

– razzer10_4

it sure does carry weight which is why i mentioned it! He does a fantastic promo clip for the amp.


I just got the Vox AC15c2, and its now my only amp; literally, just sold my last other amp today. 15 watts through two 12" celestion greenbacks is amazing!


If you like the sound of the 15" speaker in the Delta Blues, don't overlook the Supro Thunderbolt. Old school simple with a cool tone circuit and plenty of headroom.


Early to mid 70's Fender Super Reverbs, Pro Reverbs and Bandmaster Reverb heads are still not too expensive, and very nice amps. Second hand Victoria amps are a lot of amp for the price too.

Current production Fender, Peavey, Vox, etc... amps don't necessarily sound bad, but they're not built to last, and certainly not built to be easy to repair when something goes wrong.


Find a used Gretsch Executive or Variety. 20 or 40 LOUD watts. You will definitely thank me later, except when you are lifting the things.


Well with all the boutique amp makers out there, I have a lot of research to do. Right now I'm strongly considering a Firebelly. In the meantime I found a used Delta-Blues in town for $375. I figure at that price it's worth picking up.


If I read your budget correctly, the world is your oyster. I'm kind of a fan of the Delta blues I must say, given its price point and sound. But as Walter notes above there are all kinds of wonderful sounding vintage amps that are within your range. The blackface pro reverb is an outstanding choice in terms of value for the money. They are definitely a handful in terms of size and weight though. My personal choice would be an early silver face Deluxe reverb. If you take your time, they can still be found reasonably priced, and is the best size to performance amp in the fender line, and for me, the perfect gigging tool that you can still use around the house.


Shoot I'll sell mine for two grand if somebody comes and picks it up.


So I'm not against the bassman. I have played on a few back in the 90's. I'm looking for an amp that breaks up nicely at or below 10 o'clock. Kind of going for a Duane Eddie "Rebel Rouser" sound but with speed.


Damn auto correct! "Eddy"


If I had $2,800 to spend I'd all over this one https://reverb.com/item/359...

– nightbird

Now THAT is gorgeous, thanks.....

I really like the early SF Fender Amps from the DR to the SR, if you've got a good local Amp Tech, and its set up properly, they will go on and on w/o the pesky "board" issues that the new ones will eventually have at some point. Someone also mentioned the Supro Thunderbolt, in my opinion the original early ones with the rectifier tube are some of the best 6L6 amps ever, and that includes almost all of the Valco Bass Amps made between 64-67 with the 15 inch speakers, (either in open back Cabs or as heads), 35 odd watts of heaven. You can find them for around 500 bucks occasionally . Best of luck


Everything is opinion, but I say the Fender Deluxe Reverb is the best all-around amp ever, and for 'billy music, it will fit the bill.

A new one, an old one, it wouldn't matter...they are greatness!



Blondeshell. Or call Jer Delisle and tell him what you want. He will make it. Likely well under that budget.


For that price, I'd be looking at the new Magnatones, a used Standel, a Victoria of some kind, a Bassman RI... or maybe an Allen Sweet Spot, or a Swart, or maybe the magnificent Milkman Creamer.

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