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Safety place to store instruments


Good afternoon. I play in an orchestra and we used to store all our instruments in a room we rented. Now we have no opportunity to practice due to the pandemic, so we are a little concerned about the safety of all our stuff. There are several rooms you can rent in that building but the door locks are not reliable. We are thinking about installing a security system there. All of us agree to pay for that because our landlord does not. He says it is our problem and he does provide 100 percent safeness. I have found Ajax security systems, so I would like to ask you for a bit of advice? Does it worth it?


I'd keep my property at home. Trust no one. Sounds like your landlord isn't all that reliable. Any security system can be overridden. I may be paranoid, but better safe than sorry.


Likewise... and you never know what may happen in a situation where you really have little control. For example, we were just informed that the storage facility where my parents ever-dwindling pile of "stuff" left over from selling the house has suddenly developed a "rodent problem", and "remedial measures" need to be taken. So far as I know, our actual locker is fine, but now we have a concern we didn't have for nearly two years.

No instruments in our case, but some fine art, some vintage furniture and a couple of antique rugs may have suddenly been put in harm's way.


Best thing the OP can do is pull his gear out of where it is and get it home. And look into insuring it.


Don't keep any of it at Soundcheck in Nashville.


Don't keep any of it at Soundcheck in Nashville.

– Proteus

Proteus, I was certain you'd get a ….flood of upchecks!


I am lucky enough to have a rented band room that is very secure. Renting a storage facility with climate control may be the way to go, if you're all able to afford it.


I am now in the same situation. The place we rent is far and not everyone has a car and can bring their instrument every time we have a run-through. That was the reason we decided to store all our stuff in the place we meet. Yes, I know what you are talking about. Ajax... have you check if they are good? I have seen their website. As I understood their systems are suitable for both house and office security solutions. I think I need to call them for a consultation because I need to replace my fire alarm.

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