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Well I don't know that I've ever had a comment worth reading...

What's up everybody? Just thought I'd drop in and say hello to some old friends. I thought of you guys today because I picked up my Gretsch and rather enjoyed it, although I noticed that it was missing a lot of notes. The guitar(s), the bike, and most all else have been sitting idle over the past four years, as some of you know. It's hard to believe that much time has passed. (The book manuscript is currently out for peer review)

Tickled to hear that the Nashville Roundup lives again. I think that Carter gets it...understands what the event really is, and what we value and are willing to pay for. I know you guys will make special memories again. Hope to see you there.

All the best!


Hey Nobody,

It's good to see you back here.


I hope you'll make the roundup, Steve. Hope things are going well for you. Welcome back.


Good to see you here, Steve! I hope all the hard work you put in pays off in a successful book release. I'm hoping to make the return to Nashville also.


Good to hear from you, Steve.

Also good to hear Twom will be in Nashville.

I've missed you guys.


It is so great to hear from you, Steve. And, I am so excited to see that the Clan is gathering to drink the Koolaid together, again.


Good to se you back, Steve!


Hey, its my Club Brother! Glad to hear from you, Steve!


When I joined the GDP in December of '09, you were one of the long-time members that provided me input when I was asking about which should be my 1st Gretsch. It's great to have you back!


Yup, you have been missed, Steve. Welcome back!


Great to see some familiar names here. Appreciate the notes. Hope you guys and gals are doing well.


Blast from the past!


See? Ya gotta lift yer head up every now and then and take a look around at what you've missed! Welcome back.


Steve, it so so good to hear from you.


Nice to pop back in here and see more howdys. Bear, old friend, it's sure great to see that note from you.


Can't wait for all of this to come about. Missed you the past couple of years.


So glad you picked up the Nashville colors and are getting it done, bro.

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