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I've enjoyed going to a few roundups and even rented a studio to host one.had one here on my farm, I've been to three baltos, one great north,four street sounds,two nj bobs (ewing),one schoolhouse,one cali,three grumpfests,countless billyd jams and one nashville.

Each party has their charms. the main ingredient is that we love music and fun. clearly we love gretsch guitars and guitars in general. to have the time to meet face to face with each other and connect musicaly is magical. the multi day party for me are better, with more time to find a groove and get to know others takes more time. getting to jam with people who bring me up a notch is terrific fun. anyone wanna list a highlight or two from their best memories?

heres a few of mine;

playing in the rain with cam and sara at grumps

getting to jam with curt and jody while i tried drums for the first time in nashville ( jody made me feel like i could pull it off)

playing with dr gretsch in cali (old swing stuff)

michelle marie picking up my dads annie and playing it for a few songs. (she was gonna play just one on it)

drinking mint juleps with olivia at balto

go go girls with clothing on....balto

getting to know joe c

billy d making me feel like a rock star (I'm not)

I want to explore renting a hall near the philly guitar show in the spring. theres lots of hotels and it could be a duo porpoise trip. maybe host a resting/playing spot for those who go to the show.

please share your favorite memories


At The NorCal Roundup,,,meeting some sincerely good people.


The highlight for me was certainly getting to know Peter Asher and providing a presentation to the Roundup attendees about his career. And then having the chance to harmonize with him on a song. Truly a hghlight for me. And I have always been proud of the fact that our Roundup created a relationship between Peter Asher and Gretsch guitars which carries on to this day.

Then again, getting to know Jim Messina was also a fun thing as I had always admired his playing when with Poco and Loggins & Messina. And he is a really good guy to boot.

There are so many wonderful aspects of Roundups that I could create a list as long as my arm. But, those are two highlights for me.


Starting a spot to historically document each roundup sounds like a great idea.

My first roundup I was so nervous, I threw up. Some blamed the Moonshine but my buddy Rob knew why.

Meeting everyone and having a different mix of people at each one I've attended.

Joe asking me to play along with him the year that Duane and Miss Deed were there to listen to us.

Karolyn winning the G5124T in Nashville.

Getting to play some of Wenzels songs along with him.

Dipping my feet in the creek in Nashville with my G5191BK

Yes, a complete list would be way too long.


Great thread Dave.

Arriving there for the first time meeting Phila. From then on it just felt like home, but in a kid with no responsibilities kind of way.


Gawd, so many... I suspect I'll have multiple posts.

A lot of my favorite ones seem to happen when there are few people around.

I have a photo of Richard Hudson, spotlit by a single light outside the barn, as he played through my little Dula amp in the wee hours. No one else was around, and he was just enjoying the amp and the moment. It was magical.

Or the time -- again, super late into the evening -- when JB showed off his Tweed Deluxe Reverb. What a killer little amp!

I recall Nobody and RedRocker sitting on the patio outside the boardroom, in their own little world playing Beatles songs. Again, magical.

There was a moment a few years back in Nashville when Bob Howard and I were attempting to mangle our way through Radiohead's "Creep", with Mimi singing. While I can't claim to have been playing it well, there was a moment where it nevertheless transcended and was just perfect.

Or then there was the time John Magill was messing about on a baritone and I jumped in with him. I'm not sure what it was, but I sure enjoyed it.

Or this year, when way, way more accomplished people than I am let me sit in on bass for Crossroads. Pure magic there.

Actually, this whole past Nashville was just chock full of magic moments, but I'm gonna stop here. At least for now.


"And a little hat!"


At the first Balto: Sweating up a storm.

Playing "Feel a Whole Lot Better" on my Ric 12. (special dispensation granted by Paul)

Hearing Alpep play a Neil Young song, super loud. That was special.

Playing through Paul's 1 x 15" Fender. Monster amp.

At a later Balto, hearing "Apache" played on an old G branded Roundup.

Listening and learning.


Richard Hudson & Bear jamming in the board room to some Duane Eddy.

So many impromptu jams, not knowing where they'd end up, but we'd all jump in and see where the ride took us.

Many side trips outside of the roundup, be it at a restaurant, or some attractions we didn't know were on the map.

Twom. Smurfing Twom!

Mystery Hand. Oh Lawdy. I laugh about it every time I think about it.

Magical, Mystical, Burger King.

Thursday night BBQ party in Nashville.

Phila, the Farm, her conversations with Furie and myself. Always felt like you're catching up with an old friend. Some folks claim Nashville was boring, I'd like to recommend a proctologist to have your head examined.

Meeting so many people from all over the world... all my Canadian buddies, As well as all the folks from the states. No matter what roundup you attend, there's always somebody you really look forward to seeing, sharing a laugh, having a beer or meal with. It's just at these, you want to hang out, eat, drink, and play with everyone.

Watching some incredible musicians jam with everyone. Egos checked at the door, and left in the trunk, all for the sake of the song. Amazing.

Rocky's Gretschday will always be Round-Up-ish to me. Such a great collection of folks, unified around one thing, the spirit of what it's all about is really encapsulated every time by the Schiano clan.

Ryan's Great White North Roundup, another great jam where family is hands on, and it becomes a fun and relaxed time for all who attend.

Getting to be around the Mighty Joe Carducci. There's something just plain magnetic about people like Joe, and I wish I could clone ya, Goomba!

Traveling, to and fro from these events, or the road trips while there...be it by air, train or road, we always made the best time out of it. If it's with Furie, Josh, Curt, NJ Bob, Redrocker, Roadjunkie, Pat Miraflor, Alpep, NJChris, Ray, Snorre, Tartan Phantom, Bob Williams, Twom, Bob Howard, Zig, and whoever else I've missed, it's always been a truly great time.

I don't know how I got culled into helping Joe out during the swag fest, but it's really a great time for me whenever we get to do it. I know it started in Nashville, but why it kept going is beyond me. I hope it put some smiles on your faces and some light in your heart, cause it does for me.


The Kansas City Round-up, jamming with Richard Hudson on "Windy and Warm", shaking hands with Joe C., sitting in with all the folks Proteus, Richard, and some others whose names I can't remember playing "Six Days on the Road"


I bought my 5125 from jaxsun of a CL add. He told me about the GDP and the Auction House. I came to the next one and met most of the Jersey guys and others. Proteus even helped convince me at that event to buy a 6122-1959. Thanks. Jersey gatherings are always fun.

Next up was StreetSounds. Good times. Even met Deed and Duane there once. Nicest people ever. Also Cbell for the first time. I’ll never forget that three pickup Custom Shop White Falcon with maple trim he showed me there. Yes, it was his.

Balto-DC was always good from my first time when someone got carried away playing my 5125. Crowbone sat next to me laughing and I suspect was hoping I’d slug the guy.

The funniest roundup experience for me was clearly at the Delta Crossroads. I neglected to mention a negative reference I heard prior to a bunch of us eating somewhere. I still laugh about the grief I got over that oversight. And with all that talent there, Curt convinced me to get up and play too. His encouragement meant a lot to me.

All the friendships from near and far should make roundups a bucket list item for anyone who has yet to get to one. I hope they go on forever.


Balto-DC was always good from my first time when someone got carried away playing my 5125. Crowbone sat next to me laughing and I suspect was hoping I’d slug the guy. - Baba

Oh man, that was when the neighbor dropped by and drank all the liquor. It looked like he was going to land on your guitar, and yeah, I did laugh, sorry, but you should've seen your face!


Wow, so many fun and funny memories. NJBob trusting me to take his 6129 home to try it out even though we really didn't know each other.

Nashville 2012. Bear won a boxcar reso and gave it to me. Bear and Mike Lewis signed it. I got to meet Deed and Duane Eddy. Duane is my guitar Idol, has been since I was about ten years old. It's great when your idols turn out to be realy nice people. It was my wifes birthday and all the girls were spiking her drinks. When I got to introduce her to Deed and Duane all she could say was "Hi.......I'm Enid and I'm soooooooo happy." She recieved a Gretsch bank signed by Deed, Duane and Fred Gretsch. I also got my 5120 signrd by Duane and Fred.

More to come.


Sooo many. More will come to me later.

But there were a couple Joe-n-Crow Giveaway Shows that were a sustained high point that seemed to go on for hours. There was such a room-wide groove in one of them you wouldn't have been surprised if the barn levitated. The item-description chants cheer-led by Crow and Joe, the spontaneous responses of the crowd. You can't render this stuff in words the way it went down.

One of those was with Mike Lewis on Barn Burner guitar, Sammy, and Timmie. Might have been just about the mostest fun I ever had playing music. Groove and spontaneous mind-meld, and some hilarious stuff. Was that the same year TV Jones was there? Or am I running two of those shows together? Geebus those were some fabulous hours.

Why do we keep Crowbone as Joe's lovely assistant? Because he makes the natural absurdist funny come out. Who else? I tried it one year, no thanks! (No pressure, John.)


Got drunk in the barn and started this.


The very first "Roundup" in a recording studio near a landfill in New Jersey - before they were called Roundups. I'll never forget meeting Crowbone, Curt, Wenzel, Frequent Flyer909 and others. We played all afternoon and the magic started that day.

Winning a couple of guitars over the years has been great, especially the 5422-12. I could list a whole bunch of moments jamming, singing, admiring guitars, but they're too numerous. I really enjoyed each moment in its own way.


I think my greatest memory from getting to my first Roundup this year would be meeting all the people that I sort-of got to know over the interwebs. Chilling at Paul's place the night before was great, as was the hospitality showed at the actual Roundup.

I've always corresponded with Paul around the Balto-DC Roundup, so it was great to get over and jam with members various. Playing Chuck Berry not long after he died with CrippledLion, Goldy, Bob Howard (and I've forgotten who else - sorry!) was great; drinking Dunkin' Donuts coffee from a box; eating some delicious pie; what great memories!

And, having Ryan convert my metric everything into your imperial everything was a great help as well.


Here's one: The tribute to Phila at the Homecoming Roundup. I dunno if there was a dry eye in the place.


Here's one: The tribute to Phila at the Homecoming Roundup. I dunno if there was a dry eye in the place.

– Baxter

Joe really knocked that one out of the park ,didn't he? Then I had to stand up and talk. (Yeah right)


Drinkin' with Kim Falcon, photo ops with Jim Messina and John Sebastian, hangin' with fun people (too many to mention while typing on a phone), playing other people's guitars, watching them play mine, the list really could go on and on. But the best part for me was getting to play in the House Band with Johnnie during the Swag Fest. That was better than winning a guitar or a Powdog amp, though that happened, too, if memory serves.


Playing Ramones in the barn with Hot Rod Walt and my son on drums.


So many as well.... here are just 3:

Playing with Nobody (as Bax mentioned), especially the very first time, which was probably the 3rd or 4th Nashville Roundup. It started with Buddy Holly tunes. Steve's friend Paj sat in on "knee percussion"... It's a tradition for us now, and I'm pleased to say we did it again this past year in Nashville.

The Crowbone/Joe C. Prize Patrol... priceless each and every year/place/roundup they cover together.

Meeting Phila for the first time (Nashville '09) — with Curt, who'd told me more than once leading up to the event "you just have to come and experience it." We drove 14 hours straight, pulled up at Phila's sleepless and worn, mid-afternoon. Phila greeted us as only she could. I immediately turned to Curt and said "I get it."

Seeing Fury channel Jim Morrison.


NitroG leading just about everyone playing or singing "Roadrunner" at Clarksville. That was a lot of fun.


NitroG leading just about everyone playing or singing "Roadrunner" at Clarksville. That was a lot of fun.

– Baxter

So was not getting stabbed in Clarksdale!

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