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RIP Steve Ditko


Comic book legend and co-creator of Spider-Man Steve Ditko has passed at 90. RIp Steve.


Aw man! John Severin, Joe Cubert, John Buscema, and Ditko were my guys back in the day.


Another of my boyhood heroes gone

RIP Steve


Steve Ditko was one of my favourites, too. Very sad to hear.


I wasn't even double-digits in age and I was paying strict attention to the artists in the comic books I read. Steve Ditko was a name I was always happy to see on a splash page.

Unfettered (as he was with Dr. Strange), Ditko was unadulterated imagination.

Hate to see him go, but making it to age 90 is a great run. Working in comics seems to support longevity. Ken Bald is 97, Stan Lee is 95, Joe Giella is 90, Ramona Fradon is 91, and Marie Severin is 88. I'm sure other comic-creating nonagenerians and near-nonagenerians are yet with us, as well.



One of my great boyhood joys was actually holding a copy of "Amazing Tales" with the first appearance of Spiderman. RIP Steve Ditko.

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