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RIP Roy Loney


roy loney the original singer for the flamin groovies has passed...roy had been in poor health for a bit now...may he rip



Sad news. Love the Flamin’ Groovies


There goes a bit of my '20s; Roy Loney and The Phantom Movers were a regular part of the SF club scene in the '80's. Here's him doing 100 MPH with his guitarist playing a 6120. RIP.


yes lx..that's roy with james ferrell..who played with groovies on shake some action..he handled the slide guitar parts!.. i played that 6120..he got it from dr hook band guitarist, if i recall..had back of neck carved severely down...really roughly..but james played it well

drummer in that vid is orig groovies drummer danny mihm

kinda hit me hard on this already gloomy bay area friday the 13th ...rip roy


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