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R.I.P. Rip Taylor— Yes, you read that correctly


Rip passed away yesterday at 84. I know my GDP buddy AndyJ will be just as sad as I am about this.

So now, it's time for Gretsch to honor him posthumously with an official release of the long-coveted "Rip Taylor Falcon", which made it's debut on this forum a few years back. In the spirit of Jimmie Webster's search for new gimmicks every year, this would be the first Gretsch model to employ a factory-installed confetti cannon... a useful feature which beats a Tone Twister any day of the week.

And it's got Dynasonics!

R.I.P. Rip.


Sad day! Yes, we need that sig model.


If you grew up during the early to mid 70's you couldn't turn on the TV without Rip showing up. Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, variety shows, Hollywood Squares, you name it. I wasn't into his style of comedy but got where he was going with it. Out, Rip!


Yes, Rip was very big in the comedy scene during the 70's. He had a very Sophomoric type of goofy shtick, that appealed to (mostly) young people. I hadn't thought of him in years, until I saw this post, sorry about that Rip.... RIP Rip Taylor.


Rip was on a couple of episodes of The Monkees.


I saw that this morning. What a drag . . . I literally cried confetti . . .literaly. R.I.P. , Rip! Thanks for the laughs!


I was born in '73 but remember him from being a youngster watching TV....don't ask me, I have no idea what my mom and dad put on the TV to keep me watching.

I am certainly sad for his passing but happy for his long life. He was one of the first TV personalities that helped me create a type "style/method/whatever-you-call-it" that made my class mates laugh. I had a rough going as young child with many surgeries and of course I was probably worried about being made fun of.....I know I was self-conscious.

I killed it all with making everyone laugh. I remember that I had to wear those "Forest Gump-type" foot braces so I made a joke out of it all. My music teacher knew my older brother loved music and thought I might too (he was right) and I did what everyone named the Jitterbug. My music teacher was a professional musician with 2 albums and he did this because he cared.

He played piano, I did some kind of wacky dance, and everyone laughed. People I grew up with still remember it and a few will post some Jitterbug comment on my FB page for my birthday. This went on from 1st grade thru somewhere during 3rd.

Laughter makes an impact. People remember because humor really does so much good.

Rest in peace Rip Taylor.

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