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WE HAVE LIFTOFF!!!! “THE BOOK” is listed for pre-order on Amazon


I was just doing my morning email and getting some things fixed with my editor and noticed one of my guitar playing buds posted on facebook that Amazon is taking pre-orders on my book about Paul Yandell.

I haven't even seen a physical book yet. Next couple of days will get me a final chance to tweak the layout and then I guess we're off and running.

You folks cannot imaging how I feel about seeing this thing actually take wing finally...

love you all madly ♥


Congratulations!!! This is indeed a very cool step for you and all of us who are waiting.


Thanks for doing this and all the hard work. Just finished ordering it from Amazon Canada!


My copy is pre-ordered! Amazon (USA) shows Aug. 28 as THE date!

Congratulations, Norm! I look forward to your book!


Too bad it isn't a Gretsch in that cover shot, but we can't have everything, right?


Ric you are just too cool, and a master at overstating the obvious. ( must be some kind of lawyer thing) You are, as in this case most often right. It is good to watch a person on the pages achieve such a lofty goal. Ric at the moment you make me chuckle and Norm makes me proud.


Working with these people had its moments

Chet once said he didn't really like the orange they picked out for his original 6120 but didn't want to say anything. I figured they had their "cover designers" that picked what they used for their own reasons

It was kinda like that.

Gretsch definitely dominates the pages once you actually read the book, never fear. Paul favored Gretsch guitars until he died


Ordered! So happy and proud to see Norm's dream coming to fruition.


Just pre-ordered mine too! Can't wait!

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