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R.I.P Neil Armstrong - A Real Hero


One of the very few that deserve the title hero has died. Neil Armstrong a true hero has passed (not Lance Armstrong, a guy who wins a bike race and is called a hero?).

When the word hero is to be explained to a child, just tell of Neil Armstrong. A man who did something that no human being ever did - he was the first human to set foot on something that was not Earth! Not Zeus, Allah, Jesus, George Washington, Napoleon, Caesar were said to do that. Neil Armstrong did. He was a God amongst men.

But what made him truly heroic is not his deed, but his humility. He never saw himself as anything other than a pilot doing his job. He never took credit, but always made sure others got credit. He shunned the limelight. He did his job and that's the way he saw it -- just a job well done.

Neil Armstrong. You had the Right Stuff. You make all mankind better. Oh, we can not strive to walk on the moon, but we can strive to be a humble, brave, hard-working, selfless, adventurous human being. God speed to you on your new journey to a new world.


Calling him a god is a bit of a stretch.

The thing about those early rocket riders was summed up best by John Glenn... He's sitting in that (now primitive looking) "capsule" and thinks to himself "...this was made by the lowest bidder."

Test pilots are definitely a breed apart. The last of the professional bronc riders. Not a whole lot of room for error in that job.


Yeah, I don't mean to call him a God. I use the word "God" in the sense that his achievement was amongst the heavens.

For those few hours, he lorded over us. He stood somewhere and looked down upon all Earth, all mankind. That is "God-like."

Strictly metaphor here.


How very sad to hear this news. I’m not even sure how I can convey what a hero Neil Armstrong was to me. I was a space nut as a kid and very closely watch all the Apollo launches and missions. I built models of the Apollo spaceships and read books on space, the planets etc. I remember vividly the day Apollo 11 landing on the moon and like millions of others, watching Neil Armstrong take his first steps and say those immortal words. Neil Armstrong was perhaps one the greatest hero’s I had and was an example to me of what a person can do if he has the drive and believes in himself. Rest In Peace Neil and thank for your contributions to mankind.


I remember before that historic voyage, the reporters kept pounding him about what he was going to say when he set foot on the moon, as the first human being to ever do so. He would never tell, but I'll never forget when the lunar module landed on the moon, the legs didn't sink in as far as the engineers had anticipated and he had quite a long step down to the ground. But he couldn't have said it better, "That's one small step for a man, but a giant leap for mankind."


Great post, Northern Twang.

Yup, building the models, reading the books was something many did. We had astronauts - men of great intelligence and great bravery - doing things that were awe-inspiring. They were our heroes.

And sadly I think that is what is missing for today's youth. Lance Armstrong heroic? Sports stars? Film stars? Kim Kardashian even is admired by many of today's youth. That's part of our problem today. Where have you gone Neil Armstrong, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you. It was right, it was good for kids to be building model kits of the Lunar Lander. Today kids are busy DVR-ing a Kim Kardashian reality show.


not my kids

they'll know that Neil Armstrong was a true pioneer - and hero


I was just talking with my wife who has been a public grade school teacher for over 25 years. I was telling her about what a hero and inspiration Neil Armstrong and other astronauts from that time period were to me and my friends. Sadly hero’s for a lot of grade school children are by in large sports and entertainment stars. Times have changed, the Space Shuttle program is done and the US no longer has a manned space flight program except for the rides our astronauts take on Russian rockets to the international space station. I have two girls one teen and one pre-teen. I still have a model of the Apollo Lunar Lander and several books on spaceflight including “First Man, The Life of Neil A. Armstrong” by James R. Hansen. I have told my girls many times about the accomplishments of the astronauts, both men and women. I don’t think they have a desire to become an astronaut but they know what is possible and what heroes (and pioneering heroes) people like Neil Armstrong were.


(not Lance Armstrong, a guy who wins a bike race and is called a hero?)

I don't believe the Tour de France is just 'a bike race'. And Lance won it not 5, not 6, but 7 years in a row. The first human to ever do so since the tour's introduction in 1903. And that was after beating tescular cancer in 1998. The current edition of the 'tour' consists of 21 days of riding over an average of 2,200 miles. (the previous record was 5 consecutive years set by Miguel Indurain from 1991 to 1995) i truley believe that Lance's record will never be broken.

Not to take anything away from Neil, but NASA is the one that put that lunar module on the moon. Neil just happened to be one of the astronauts that was chosen (or drew the short straw) to be encapsulated into the front of that giant canister of rocket fuel....


Oooh, a dude rode a bike 7 times to victory. Roll out the red carpet! Start the ticker tape parade! Surely that's on par with the first man to step on the moon...

It's completely nonsensical to compare a bicycle rider to the man who first set foot on the moon.


Some people's heros are astronauts.... some people's heros are not.... ;-)


The moon, gentlemen. The man stood on the moon. Unbelievable, yet there he was.

Can you remember where you were as that happened? (if you are old enough, of course )


Some people's heros are astronauts.... some people's heros are not.... ;-)

– Hermitt

Hermitt, seriously, the man walked on the moon. First. No contest for a guy on a bicycle, with regard to accomplishment, no matter how many times he won. Almost anyone can ride a bike; not everyone can fly to, land on and walk on the moon. Sports are cool and all, but to try and draw a parallel comparison to winning a bike race and landing on, then walking on the moon, living and returning to earth to tell about it. No contest.


Did he do it under his own power? Just sayin. Sure, almost anyone can 'ride' a bike. But how many can win the Tour of France? Even once? Many many have tried for years and can't do it. I'm just saying that the NASA Space Program put Neil on the moon, he didn't do it himself.


This is a nonsensical comparison. Armstrong didn't have a team supporting him? Where was the risk of a gruesome death? Didn't someone, quite a few someones do it before him?

Lunar Lander vs. bicycle, not even a minimum of a comparison... I'm literally laughing out loud at the broken syllogism of this logic...

A frickin' bicycle for God's sake...


Just in case it isn't obvious, I'm not one to believe that leaving the safety of the Earth's atmosphere is a very good idea for human species. ;-)


Can you remember where you were as that happened? -- Deed

Stuck on earth, with everyone else. :D

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin didn't know what would happen. It was less than three years after Apollo 1 burned up on the launch pad. Et cetera.

Tremendous technical skill, physical ability/conditioning, and courage required to explore other worlds, I think. And the benefits of the adventure accrue to all mankind.

Riding a bike to win a game is all well and good for what it is.



btw.... several people HAVE died during the Tour of France. and no, no one has ever won 7 'consecutive' years in a row, ever, since the first Tour in 1903.

edit: btw.... I am not the one that introduced Lance into this thread ;-)


Very sad news and yes, Deed, we remember exactly what we were doing on that great day.

R.I.P. Neil.


btw.... several people HAVE died during the Tour of France. and no, no one has ever won 7 'consecutive' years in a row, ever, since the first Tour in 1903.

edit: btw.... I am not the one that introduced Lance into this thread ;-)

– Hermitt

btw.... several people HAVE died during the Tour of France. and no, no one has ever won 7 'consecutive' years in a row, ever, since the first Tour in 1903.

edit: btw.... I am not the one that introduced Lance into this thread ;-)

– Hermitt

Oh, I know you didn't Hermitt. I just think it's a complete lark to even remotely compare the achievements of the two. One is a sporting event, the other is walking on the moon.


This is a memorial thread about an inspirational American. It doesn't matter whether or not you were personally inspired. Please take your bicycle talk to the appropriate thread. RIP Mr. Armstrong. :(


Was pleasantly surprised today that my 13-y-o daughter and her friend of the same age both knew who Neil Armstrong was.

And, yes, I view him as a pioneer and a hero. Someone who put his life at risk to further science and knowledge.

(that being said, I have to admit that when you mention 1969 to me, man walking on the moon is the second thing I think of, while the Amazin' Mets are the first).


I remember going into the gym to watch moon landings on TV in grade school. It was a moment shared by all.

My son did a research project in middle school on Neil Armstrong and a new generation realized how great the Apollo project was.

RIP Mr. Armstrong.


One of my all-time heroes. Rest in eternal peace Mr. Armstrong.

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