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RIP Mary Ann


That's truly sad. She was always a fan favorite and kept her looks up till she got sick with this virus, far too many choose to accept as reality.


Ah man! Sorry to hear this, I was a 'Mary Ann' guy. I had a crush on her for many years while I growing up. Dawn Wells was a nice lady who kept several generations entertained by her portrayal of Mary Ann on the Gilligan's Island television show. RIP Dawn Wells, forever Mary Ann.


Aw, man! She appeared to be as nice in real life as her TV counterpart. I always was a "Mary Ann " guy, too. RIP Dawn.


It’s funny how all these years later you could ask the question “Mary Ann or Ginger?” and so many people knowing what you were talking about. Now Ginger is the last survivor. R.I.P.


My heart hurts. RIP Miss. Dawn.


I met her when she did a play in our theater. She was a sweetie. She was the "girl next door" on the island. RIP.


As a kid we only had a couple of channels where I was living . And not much that was appealing to kids other than reruns of old USA shows including Bewitched, Six Million Dollar Man, I dream of Genie, Happy Days, Mary Tyler Moore, Dukes of Hazard and Gilligan's Island. . I always was amazed at how beautiful Americans were compared to the people in my town.(based on the above tv roster)

These characters on TV seemed to be as much a part of our life as the people in our town. We could discuss, laugh about etc as if we all knew them. As a child, I'd observe rather than interact with people so cdid not really differentiate between the ppl on the street or in the box. Very sad to hear of her passing :(


Strangely (?) I only read the title and knew exactly who you meant. Wow.


Hope Juber posted today a photo of the two of them together. Hope was on the Brady Bunch as you know. She and Dawn were close. COVID sucks. WEAR your MASK, please!


Hope Juber posted today a photo of the two of them together. Hope was on the Brady Bunch as you know. She and Dawn were close. COVID sucks. WEAR your MASK, please!

– Olivia Anne

Me? Yeah, I was a Mary Ann fan too, rather than the other way too-flashy one. Sad news indeed.

Covid? Bad stuff. Masks? Good advice.

Middle of Oct they had a big party at the Airport and photos showed a distinct lack of masks and a great propensity for raucous cheering shoulder to shoulder and heel to toe! A good time was had by all!

Our son-in-law works with a few folks who were excited to attend, and did, and who excitedly talked about the experience the very next day at work! Thankfully masks were required at work, and healthy spacing between employees in the break room too!

What was brought home was a less virulent variety than those without masks kept to themselves, and which infected nearly 7,000 of my rural neighbors in the last two and a half months, and killed 240 of them.

All five of us at home got it but none of us officially reported it since the hospital was slammed and said unless we had trouble breathing, stay home and stay comfortable.

I was the worst of the bunch, it turns out. Bummer. Spent 80+% of the day for two weeks sleeping with nightmares, and no appetite or thirst and a really screwed up sense of taste! Yuck! The family noticed I wasn't eating or drinking and kept me from getting kidney damage thru massive infusions of ice cream Birthday Cake. Thanx, kids!

Almost three weeks into it, I'm still fighting with 24/7 Covid Cough, reduced sense of smell and taste, occasional nightmares, stomach distress, unusual heart gymnastics, headaches, chills, and muscle and joint discomfort.

But hey!.......

Could be worse! I could be dead! Like my neighbors.

EDIT: oh, and speaking of neighbors, Olivia Anne. If ya should spot a turtle wearing a fox fur Ushanka hat, would you Please do the world a favor and grind that evil som-bitch right into the out house mud from where he came? Thanx. Appreciate it.

EDIT: It may be too early to get excited, but it looks like Moscow Mitch may be returning to Kentucky, permanently.


She was a sweet, old fashioned, girl next door role model. Loved her character.

Hopefully, 2021 will eventually bring some respite from this deadly contagion. Meanwhile, we must do all we can to protect ourselves and each other as best we can. God bless all who are trying, and God bless all who do not yet understand the rest...


F107+5, I've been following your reports of the swath the plague has cut through your family and community - and wondered how you were faring yourself.

I'm heartily sorry you had to be poisoned, offer long-distance (and personally protective equipped) sympathy for your symptoms - and am glad you're pushing through. One of the things that confounds the medical community is that there's little (if any) identifiable pattern to predict who can cary asymptomatically, who gets a mild case of annoyance, and who ends up dead. Yours is obviously worse than annoyance, but here's my fervent hope that it will pass and leave you standing strong.

You haven't mentioned anxiety, but I can't imagine it's not concomitant with intermittent heart gynastics, nightmares, and the muscle/joint pain.

The prospect of all that has given me stout respect for the little spiked devil, and I'm grateful we've been able to mostly hide away. We're also committed maskers. My only significant travel this year has been to our newspaper client in NC, in an area which is kinda the belly of the beast - their numbers have always tracked above both the national and their area baselines - owned by a guy who couldn't get enough of those rallies. (The rest of the staff...decidedly otherwise.) He didn't come in while we worked, and I've been home for almost three weeks now with no symptoms, so I apparently dodged any bullets that were flying.

It was harrowing, though, even to go to Hel-Mart for groceries - because you never know, and we saw many below-nose and hanging-around-the-neck mask "wearer"-defiants - and I was glad to stay in a hotel with full kitchenette suites, where housekeeping stayed away for the duration. Drive to the site, work in isolation as much as possible, carry wipes and clean keyboards and mouses both before and after, drive back to the hotel, stay there.

My business partner and his family had had it several weeks before our trip, but was cleared (by test) before I got in a car for a 12-hour drive with him. He's my age, and diabetic, and was as scrupulous as he could be not to get it. But his daughters (one of whom lives at home, the other for whom they babysit) are both nurses - and his church (where he has a part-time job as custodian) failed to insist on appropriate measures, for fear of antagonizing those who either consider the virus a hoax or that God's will be done (or both). Apparently it was God's will that a bunch of them be sick.

ANYway, I hope the symptoms diminish sooner rather than later, and that you keep us posted.

A pox on the pox.


Hi Tim!

Glad to hear you're succeeding in avoiding the spiked critters so far! These days it's a lotta work and due diligence just to stay healthy, especially when dealing with folks who almost seem to welcome the intruder! Culture and human nature can be a fascinating combination but often work against us, it seems. Peoples beliefs can be so easily manipulated, to the point their beliefs can be used against them and in extension, harm innocent others. Don't seem fair.

Yup, working down the down side of the covid nowadays and shucks, maybe I've got some level of immunity if it comes back around! Like the UK, China and African varieties currently amassing on the horizon......sheeesh.

I do have some guilt and anxiety. Guilt cuz I figured I had some inside protection from the beast. My Dad's family moved to the US from Tuscany where the Neanderthals gave his/our family some special genetic protection. Then me Mum gave me type O blood for added defenses. I figured I was covered! I can count the times in the last 3/4 century when I've had the Flu, on both thumbs! I'll be fine, I figured! I figured I'd be in the 40% or so that didn't even know they have it! Still, thinking of those that got really sick, I can count myself among those that were yup, merely annoyingly sick. Not bad, not bad at all!

....of course, if the grandkids hadn't noticed I hadn't been eating or drinking for days and made sure I'd at least prime the fuel pump, it may have ended differently. Thank ya, Children!

The anxiety is for my wife of 53 years who has spent two of the last three winters in hospital with sepsis and pneumonia. She came thru this far better'n I did! What's up with that! She even went to hospital out of town cuz the superspreader event caused our local hospital to clog up with patients. She got sepsis and pneumonia in the middle of a covid epidemic and sailed right thru the pandemic with flying colors! Maybe the bug juice they pumped her full of helped her when she got home, I dunno, whatever it was........!

One down side that will take a while to play out. Part of the reason we moved here to Pennsylvania last winter was it's where my moms family settled 200 years ago and started having kids. My great great great Grandfather was born about 20 miles from here in 1823 but his parents were already here waiting for him! We have relatives scattered all over the area. Or at least we did.

Oh yeah, another downside to the Covid. After two weeks I started feeling better and actually pulled the Tele from the case and found that the furnace coming on messed up the humidity and dried out the neck enough that I notice the frets protruding a couple thousands. I added a damp pad and put the fiddle back and......for some reason there is no desire to play or even listen to music. I haven't listened to a tune on you tube since the covid came to call.

No taste in food, no taste in music. This ain't right!

And speaking of food, the wife has a new way of grocery shopping! Home delivery is catching on nicely of course, but what the wife does is look at the weather and sees when it's gonna be below freezing and sets her orders to arrive when it's cold out so she has more confidence in the safety of the deliveries! Does it help? I dunno, but it makes her feel better!

EDIT: Happy New Year morning fiddle update. Dragged the go-to Tele from it's case, oops, filed nearly three weeks of overgrown fingernails outta the way, and....OK! Frets caressed by the neck just as they should be, and it's not even too far outta tune! Fingers creaky and muscle memory a bit fuzzy with the covid, but otherwise the new year has some additional promise!


Bump'd to refresh the pages. Thanks, Prot!


Loved Gilligan's Island. I watched them in reruns as a kid. Mary Ann was adorable.

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