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RIP Margot Kidder


Margot Kidder, best known for playing Lois Lane opposite Christopher Reeve's Superman, passed away Sunday at the age of 69. Having suffered with mental health issues, may she now be at peace.


Rest In Peace Ms. Kidder.....


On the set of an otherwise-forgettable little HBO effort based on Joseph Wambaugh's "The Glitterdome" back in 1983, I briefly made friends with Ms Kidder. Blessed with a small, non-speaking part as a "Director type" in a couple of studio scenes which were shot in a large local hotel, I was hanging out in the "green room" with the other extras etc and struck up a conversation with a young fellow who turned out to be her cousin, like me a bit of a dabbler in the acting biz.

One thing led to another, and he eventually took me to one of the better suites to meet his famous cousin. Margo was sweet, outgoing, her sense of humor just a little off the wall. When I made my way to the door after a half hour or so, she said I wasn't allowed to leave, because she'd just have family to talk to, and "what fun is that?".

So I did my little bits on the set, and between setups returned to her suite. She seemed to enjoy holding court- telling us tales of the Superman set (like how her memorable line "You've got me- who's got you?" in the first movie began as an ad lib at a table reading).

Two days later, we again shared the set in a scene which was completely cut from the final print, and my big cinematic moment -getting slugged on the chin by James Garner- never made it to TVs across America. Oh well...

It made for a couple of days I'll remember for quite some time longer. She was a nice lady. When I read about her troubles a few years later, I was surprised. I have a sister with bipolar disorder, and nothing in the days I spent with Margo Kidder gave me any hint at all something was already amiss.

RIP, Margo. You won't be forgotten.


Always had a fondness for her work. I hope she is at peace and my condolences go out to her family and friends.


Superman wasn't the only one in love with Lois Lane.


I thought her voiceover of the poetic sequence *Can you read my mind?" in the flying scene with Superman was moving. As the tortured mother in the movie "The Reincarnation Of Peter Proud", she turned in a memorable acting performance as well. I'm sorry to hear she was also a troubled soul in real life.


They still haven't said what she died of.


At least one credible source said "natural causes." I haven't seen anything controverting that. It apparently wasn't initially announced by family or agent, rather it came out when the funeral home sent the usual obituary notice to local small-town media.


ABC TV news said the family said she died peacefully in her sleep at her home in Montana.


I never got to meet her, never got close, but I adored Margot Kidder.

For fictional characters with long on-screen lives (i.e., James Bond, Dracula, all these comic book types nowadays), "which actor did it best" is always a discussion topic. But not for Lois Lane. Margot set the bar out of reach. Out of sight.



All her screaming in the film got on my nerves, though that would have been the director's fault.

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