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RIP Kim Shattuck


Kim Shattuck, the lead singer/guitarist and songwriter of the LA punk band, The Muffs passed in her sleep this morning after a 2 year battle with ALS. The Muffs weren’t a widely known household name but over the past 29 years, she wrote some amazing punk and pop songs and melodies. She always played a 1979 Gretsch BST 1000 from the beginning and although she owned a few other guitars, the Gretsch was synonymous with her image. I was a big fan.


I was shocked and saddened by this news tonight.

She and the band were a criminally underrated talent.

Rest in peace, Kim. It will certainly be a "Sad Tomorrow".


This one hurts bad. I shared quite a few stages in the 90's with the muffs and she was always an awesome person to hang out with.

We were lucky enough to catch her fronting the Pandoras 2 years ago. She still floored me with her power on stage.

I had also wondered why she disappeared from social media.


I was such an unabashed fan, I built a 79 Beast exactly like hers. She loved it.


A few of my FB friends are in mourning -- I was only slightly aware of the band and this person. But still I iike how some players embrace and find them selves in guitars that aren't good and that guitar snobs look down on and this qualifies. No one is saying a BST doesn't do a certain job well -- there was also a group ( I heard ) called the Volcano Suns who were using TK 300s


This is very sad. My condolences to friends and family.


Another sad day, they just released an album. ALS is usually a long debilitating disease, RIP Kim.


Sad for her family. She was married but don't know if she had kids. Sad for her husband and other family members.


This one is hitting me much harder than I would have thought and I'm still trying to figure out exactly why. I mean, I'm no spring chicken, I've lost friends, and have seen plenty of musicians pass at this rate. I think a lot has to do with the fact I had no idea she was suffering and that she was close with friends of mine from various bands who she also toured with. About 12 years ago to the day, I bought this Mosrite from her. You can see her playing it in early live clips and it makes an appearance in the Lucky Guy video. Oh, and Barrie Masters from Eddie and the Hot Rods also passed yesterday. I was listening to Life on the Line when I saw the news.


And a note she sent.

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