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RIP Kim Shattuck


Kim Shattuck, the lead singer/guitarist and songwriter of the LA punk band, The Muffs passed in her sleep this morning after a 2 year battle with ALS. The Muffs weren’t a widely known household name but over the past 29 years, she wrote some amazing punk and pop songs and melodies. She always played a 1979 Gretsch BST 1000 from the beginning and although she owned a few other guitars, the Gretsch was synonymous with her image. I was a big fan.


I was shocked and saddened by this news tonight.

She and the band were a criminally underrated talent.

Rest in peace, Kim. It will certainly be a "Sad Tomorrow".


This one hurts bad. I shared quite a few stages in the 90's with the muffs and she was always an awesome person to hang out with.

We were lucky enough to catch her fronting the Pandoras 2 years ago. She still floored me with her power on stage.

I had also wondered why she disappeared from social media.


I was such an unabashed fan, I built a 79 Beast exactly like hers. She loved it.


A few of my FB friends are in mourning -- I was only slightly aware of the band and this person. But still I iike how some players embrace and find them selves in guitars that aren't good and that guitar snobs look down on and this qualifies. No one is saying a BST doesn't do a certain job well -- there was also a group ( I heard ) called the Volcano Suns who were using TK 300s


This is very sad. My condolences to friends and family.


Another sad day, they just released an album. ALS is usually a long debilitating disease, RIP Kim.


Sad for her family. She was married but don't know if she had kids. Sad for her husband and other family members.


This one is hitting me much harder than I would have thought and I'm still trying to figure out exactly why. I mean, I'm no spring chicken, I've lost friends, and have seen plenty of musicians pass at this rate. I think a lot has to do with the fact I had no idea she was suffering and that she was close with friends of mine from various bands who she also toured with. About 12 years ago to the day, I bought this Mosrite from her. You can see her playing it in early live clips and it makes an appearance in the Lucky Guy video. Oh, and Barrie Masters from Eddie and the Hot Rods also passed yesterday. I was listening to Life on the Line when I saw the news.


And a note she sent.


Sad for her family. She was married but don't know if she had kids. Sad for her husband and other family members.

– ThePolecats

No kids but a loving sister and brother, as well as her husband and mom. Let me tell you know tough but adored this amazing lady was.

She died of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). It runs in her family and she watched her dad and aunt go through it. In spring 2017, she told her band mates that she suddenly couldn’t grip her left hand on the guitar very well. They all knew about the ALS in her family but tried to play it off as just overwork....but they were all scared. A few months later, she got the diagnosis, ALS. It’s a death sentence. She and her bandmates sobbed for awhile having learned the news.

They had already been planning this album which included songs left over from the last album in 2014 (great album BTW!), random melodies sung into her cell phone, demos recorded at home, etc. Kim knew her time was limited and the band made a pact to make this thing happen.

ALS hit her quickly. By late 2017, she was having trouble talking and walking but her hubby was taking good care of her. They live in Glendale, CA. She ended up becoming immobilized in 2018. She had this favorite cauliflower soup from a local cafe and it was her last request for real food before the feeding tube went in. (The owner has since renamed the soup “Kim’s Cauliflower Soup” and shared the recipe online.)

As ALS slowly took away her ability to move and talk, she never lost her humor and spirit. No pity or sadness around her...period. That’s why she kept the entire thing a secret from everyone except her closest friends and family. When they posted that she had passed on a little private FB group that I’m part of, everyone was stunned, myself included. No one had any idea this was going on because she kept it so well hidden and her friends respected her wishes. And she still posted online and Instagrammed. She was an Instagram girl. She answered a couple of my questions or compliments on the FB private page but I always wondered why her answers were short and sweet. Now I understand.

Here’s what’s amazing. Even though she was completely incapacitated, she helped engineer and produce this album! Her friend from her old girl band days in the late 80s was manning the recording part in one room of her house and Kim was in a chair in the living room with all of the life support machines hooked up. They hired a buddy to finish the guitar parts and her band mates, Ronnie and Roy did their parts. They ran a set of headphones to her in the living room and set up an Apple TV so she could see and hear the tracks. She communicated by using one of those eyeball tracking devices called a Tobii. She’d relay comments back to the recording room like “you’re a little flat” or “no, I don’t like that. Do it like this.”

She got one of those electronic voice things that spoke the words she was tracking with her eyeballs. Ronnie (bass player) came in once with his girlfriend and this weird electronic voice says “Your girlfriend has a hairy pussy.”

You’d have to know her spirit and history to understand how crazy and unfiltered she could be but that was just Kim. People admired that about her. She always said what was on her mind but she was kind and helpful to other aspiring musicians

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