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RIP Gretschman36


Very sorry to hear this. RIP.



this is truly unfortunate. i always appreciated his posts and his expertise.


This IS his obituary just the way he would have wanted it. I was at a loss on what tribute I could give him...

Well, in that spirit...I keep thinking of why I’ll miss GMan, and the many things I learned from him.

His suggestions or advice were never meant to impose his own orthodoxy or current enthusiasm on others - or, as is the case with too many online blowhards, to validate his own choices by influencing others to adopt them. They were meant to help me achieve not only what I was looking for at the moment, but what he knew I could do, even if I hadn't thought of it yet. I didn’t follow up on all of them, but I remember them - and I’d be smart to do so now.

He had the knack of listening to details of your situation and meeting you where you were - making suggestions kindly and respectfully that would bring you along to the next step, never bragging up his own experience and expertise (which were deep and wide), but drawing from them to provide a bridge onward. I don’t think there was any plan or intention on his part in this; it was just his instinct to be continually analyzing, continually thinking how to science something to the next level better - and he applied the same process to your project as he did his own.

A little like Elon Musk in that way, maybe: ALways paying attention, always engaged, always alert to possibilities, always drawing from his experience to build incrementally.

He filled in many gaps in my understanding and technical knowledge without ever condescending, talking down, preaching, or even obviously teaching. I learned that if he made the slightest suggestion about something to listen to, a new concept or technology, a piece of gear - that I should follow it up. They always opened doors to domains he knew I needed to understand better.

I’ll miss his reality checks - being able to run products, ideas, schemes by him and KNOW I’d get not only unvarnished (but unfailingly kind) truth - but that he had the breadth of knowledge and experience to support it. He wasn’t making stuff up or pushing partially-informed opinion. It was always the real deal, and I could count on it. He tested lots of prototype bridges, and his advice and encouragement were important to me when Tru-Arc was becoming a thing.

I thus treasure the opportunities I had to return the favor - to share with him things from my experience and sonic adventures he hadn’t had occasion to consider. And as authoritative and yet quietly understated was his knowledge - his openness to new information was just as matter-of-fact. He wasn’t overly proud of what he knew, and pride never interfered with his being open to learning new stuff. Those intellectual and personal attributes are two sides of the same door, and he’d learned and attained what he did precisely because that door swung both ways. He never stopped sharing; he never stopped learning - and he clearly and evidently thrived on that process.

Those are practices I try to learn from his example, and apply in my own life.


Wow Thanks Proteus! Truly a great tribute to a man like no other.


I didn't realize until now that Gretschman36 was behind that Phil Hartman persona. That thread was possibly the funniest thing I've ever experienced in my six decades on this earth. Such a shame that it was lost in the Great Database Purge.

I'm sad to hear of this gentleman's passing. I made a point of reading his posts, because they always impressed me as being uncommonly well-informed. I mistakenly assumed that he was an attorney who worked in the music business, and am glad to learn a little more re: his actual work.

I believe that not too long ago he devoted quite a bit of time to writing up advice for someone here on the GDP who was embarking on a recording project. Few people are willing to expend that much effort for a virtual stranger.

Thanks for posting here, jbowman . . . and I hope that you take some comfort in these notes from GDP members.


I am so sorry to read this. I came online this morning to share news of personal loss I have suffered and found this news. It knocked me for 6 for the 2nd time in 24 hours. I had to take stock for a few hours before I posted.

Jay, I am so sorry for your loss. Taylor's presence here was a big one and he will certainly be missed.


Sorry to hear this sad news,my condolences to all concerned .


The broadness and depth of a person's life increases the tragedy felt in their passing. My sincere condolences to everyone this man's life touched.


Condolences to family and friends. I always made a point of reading Gretschman36's posts.


Perhaps those who knew Gretschman36 and appreciated his posts here on the GDP might hoist a glass in his honor sometime over the weekend. We've lost a good egg.


Oh damn. I missed this one too. Man that is just not right. I don't even know what to say. It's just not right.

Please forgive me for being so short, I've lost a number of people myself recently, and I just can't take it anymore.


Pedals come in the mail, I try'em, I get giddy or disgusted, I got no one to tell who cares. Takes some of the fun out of it.

It's a small thing, but it's one of the holes this passing leaves.


Oh this is the worst. This is devastating. Jay and I had become close over the years, had exchanged intense flurries of email from time to time, usually about gear and music tech but touching on everything. We'd talked on the phone a couple of times.

From November last year through Jan 30, we exchanged multiple emails per day as we both dived deep into pedal-and-gear rabbit holes. (Where I still am.) We were advising each other, mutually working out details on our different-but-similar board projects, finding products and ordering them, sharing impressions, observing our own gear-craziness from a mutually ironic perspective.

We were both having a blast...and we talked about our health issues and mortality. He was going into a busy patch with one of his businesses and had production work lined up in the studio for February. His emails got thin about Jan 28, and on the 30th his last said he was very busy and he'd catch me up "Wednesday."

And that was the last. I was afraid of this. He'd had a major heart attack shortly after mine in 2012-13, and was having really scary vision problems now - as well as adjustments to his current meds. He was working on his health as rationally and scientifically as on any of the other projects he got into (and they were many and varied).

I don't think any of us know the half of what all Jay was into - there was a lot of history and accomplishment on his resumé, though he was reluctant to spill it all here.

Man, I feel like I've lost a brother. What a presence Jay was here. The Phil Hartman gags...the Dieter von Duesenberg stuff. Sometimes I laughed till my sides hurt.

And he was so unfailingly clear, kind, considerate and thoughtful of other members, always supportive and positive. I loved that guy.

I'm gutted.

Is there any way to convey condolences to his wife? How did you get the word, jbowman?

Funny, in our emails we were always solicitous of each other's health, and knew how precarious it was, and talked about what we'd be doing if we knew we had only a short time left. For both of us, playing guitar and with the tech was (is, for me) a way of making the days count.

What a loss. This is hard.

My sympathy and respects to family and friends.


– Proteus

This is well written, thank you for sharing. - Neal


One of the more recent exchanges that I had with Jay/Taylor was about his purchase of a Rickenbacker 12-string. We were going online looking at what was available on Reverb and eBay, comparing prices, and generally trying to figure out what would be most suitable for his needs. It seems to me that he purchased a midnight blue 12-string 660. Now, THAT would be one fine looking and playing guitar. Then, he ended up finding another 12-string -- maybe a 360-12V64 like mine in Fireglo -- and he was comparing the two of them. And he was jazzed because he had that Rickenbacker 12-string sound.

Gonna miss that guy.


I'm late to post, but my condolences to Jay on the passing of her husband. I didn't know him personally as others on the forum did, but his posts always stood out. Well informed and a great sense of humor, as already mentioned. His presence on this site will be missed. RIP.


Very Sad...Godspeed.

I hoisted a glass...

I remember various back and forth IP exchanges here on the GDP regarding Fender, and T-Shirts, something about Duluth, Minnesota, then The Eagles and Hotel California!

Gretschman36, may you journey further than I...

May all find solace in their own time.


Jay, we all wish you all the best as you grieve Taylor's death. I am so sorry.

You've had a precious gift offered here -- the Boys have offered to come to you to help. Let them, when you're ready. At least you have one thing you will know will be in capable, good, trust-worthy hands. And, that's a blessing. I can say that with a bit of extra experience as I've been an estate planning & administration & divorce attorney now for going on 38 years. You'll treasure the support.

And, if you need someone who just will listen, there are tons of us ready if you are. My contact info is below if ever you wish to use it; and, if you do, I welcome your call. I'm just so sad for you. Please let us know if we can help.

Olivia Anne Olivia Anne Morris Fuchs oamfuchs@aye.net 502-552-6523


Olivia Anne,

That's a very wonderful thing to do.

In the past, Baxter has warned against posting personal contact information like that, instead suggesting sending it via PM.

I would not presume to tell you what to do, but would hate to see your kindness rewarded by an avalanche of spam.


Olivia Anne,

That's a very wonderful thing to do.

In the past, Baxter has warned against posting personal contact information like that, instead suggesting sending it via PM.

I would not presume to tell you what to do, but would hate to see your kindness rewarded by an avalanche of spam.

– Timthom62

Yes, this.


I came often to the GDP in hopes of seeing a post by Gretschman36 because there was always something to learn and if not, there was wit and light-heartedness.

Seeing the the thread topic hit me like a lightning bolt and am extremely sad. Sad that he ever suffered and sad of his passing. Heaven just got a bit brighter with Taylor's light.

Jay- My thoughts and prayers are with you. I wish I could do something to help but this is when I realize the limitations of my own existence. My heart is with you. --- Dave


...I wish I could do something to help ... -- NJDevil

I bet that your kind words about Taylor are already helping more than you may ever know.


Just saw this...sad news indeed. My condolences to his family and friends.


Missed this. Been of the pages for about a week or so. Very sorry for your loss, JBowman. Thanks to all of you who shed some light on what a special person gretschman36 was.



Olivia Anne,

That's a very wonderful thing to do.

In the past, Baxter has warned against posting personal contact information like that, instead suggesting sending it via PM.

I would not presume to tell you what to do, but would hate to see your kindness rewarded by an avalanche of spam.

– Timthom62

A quick Google gets that and all the rest. But, thanks for your care. That was sweet.

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