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RIP Gretschman36


I just wanted to let everyone who knew Gretschman36, that he passed away on Feb 5th. He had a massive stroke out of the blue. So make everyday count and that doesn't just mean buying more equipment.


Terrible news.


Sadness upon the GDP.

Is there a link to a obituary?


Very sad news. He was a very longtime companion here on our little Gretsch pages journey.


Prayers and condolences to his family. You just never know when. RIP Gretschman 36


Horrible news. My thoughts to his kith and kin.


Aw, gee... so much of this happening.

Condolences to those who knew him.


I did not know the man but to his family, friends, and those here at TGP that knew him, I am saddened to hear of his passing.


All my love to friends and family


Very sorry to hear this, it is a great loss to the GDP.

Our loss cannot compare to that of his family and friends, however, and I offer my condolences.


Sympathies and Condolences to you, and all his friends and family.


Are we talking about Dave? If so, I spoke with him on the phone numerous times. A very kind soul!


Oh this is the worst. This is devastating. Jay and I had become close over the years, had exchanged intense flurries of email from time to time, usually about gear and music tech but touching on everything. We'd talked on the phone a couple of times.

From November last year through Jan 30, we exchanged multiple emails per day as we both dived deep into pedal-and-gear rabbit holes. (Where I still am.) We were advising each other, mutually working out details on our different-but-similar board projects, finding products and ordering them, sharing impressions, observing our own gear-craziness from a mutually ironic perspective.

We were both having a blast...and we talked about our health issues and mortality. He was going into a busy patch with one of his businesses and had production work lined up in the studio for February. His emails got thin about Jan 28, and on the 30th his last said he was very busy and he'd catch me up "Wednesday."

And that was the last. I was afraid of this. He'd had a major heart attack shortly after mine in 2012-13, and was having really scary vision problems now - as well as adjustments to his current meds. He was working on his health as rationally and scientifically as on any of the other projects he got into (and they were many and varied).

I don't think any of us know the half of what all Jay was into - there was a lot of history and accomplishment on his resumé, though he was reluctant to spill it all here.

Man, I feel like I've lost a brother. What a presence Jay was here. The Phil Hartman gags...the Dieter von Duesenberg stuff. Sometimes I laughed till my sides hurt.

And he was so unfailingly clear, kind, considerate and thoughtful of other members, always supportive and positive. I loved that guy.

I'm gutted.

Is there any way to convey condolences to his wife? How did you get the word, jbowman?

Funny, in our emails we were always solicitous of each other's health, and knew how precarious it was, and talked about what we'd be doing if we knew we had only a short time left. For both of us, playing guitar and with the tech was (is, for me) a way of making the days count.

What a loss. This is hard.

My sympathy and respects to family and friends.



So sad, damn.


Very sad news..... Enjoyed his posts and thoughts here over the years, and then -- he's gone.

This has to be incredibly painful for his friends (Tim et al) and family. My sincere condolences to those who directly knew and loved him.


God bless him. Yes, Josh, he was a very kind soul. I’m just so, so sorry for his family.

I just can’t get my mind around this, and the simple words seem not enough.


So sad to hear this awful news. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

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