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RIP Ginger Baker


It is being reported Ginger Baker passed today. Rest in Peace, Ginger.


it finally happened. he made it to 80 years old.


They said he would not make it 40.. .but he way outlasted Keith Moon and John Bonham. Best remembered this way -- this pix says it all. Also check out Clapton in back w/ kool reverse Firebird.


Thread about the 2012 doc; Beware: Mr. Baker


RIP, Ginger.


Hard to imagine Ginger doing anything in peace.


Loved that doc about him.

Cantankerous to the end.

Part of the charm of life isn't it, that we can't all choose to be sunshine and rainbows?

Great musician.

R.I.P. Ginger Baker


Not a big fan of the Cream but I was a huge PIL fan especially the album he played on.

Ironically, a very Zepplin-ish album made by Mr. Lydon, Mr. Baker, Bill Laswell, and Steve Vai.

Stand out drums on this track, Round:


Cream was the first show that I ever worked as a stagehand in 1968. Impressive performance by all three.


He was the Buddy Rich of rock...in more than one way


Disraeli Gears was the first album I purchased on my own (I went to Lit Brothers on my bicycle, for those local Philly folks..). Big Cream fan here and very sorry to hear this news. RIP Mr. Baker.


We've been losing so many rock icons these past few years. Time is undefeatable, and keeps ticking away. I have always enjoyed Cream, we used listen to them on the school bus whenever our Hippy bus driver was behind the wheel.

RIP Ginger Baker.


crow, me too. I don't care for Cream but I do like PiL. I was surprised to hear back then whenever the Album came out that Ginger Baker was on it, but that makes sense, a great drummer being hired for a great album by a great singer (Lydon). Just like I was surprised to hear that Steve Vai was on Album as well and even as surprised when I heard that Joe Satriani was Greg Kinh's guitarist for a bit too. Not sure if he was on Kinh's albums or just toured. I read that Satriani didn't like playing for Kinh, but it wasn't personal, no problem between the two but bordom. Satriani thought playing the Kinh songs were boring for the level of talent he had. Ooops, I digress. Makes sense Ryiuchi Sakamoto was on the PiL album. Extremely talented musician and keyboardist and right in that style of music wheel house, so to speak.


Rest In Peace Ginger. I’ll be cranking up “Toad” in your memory. Thanks for the great music.

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