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RIP Gerry Marsden


Loved his voice and he Pacemakers. One of my favs. I'll definitely play "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying" at Friday night's gig.


He'll never walk alone.


Aw, man, I loved Gerry. "Ferry Cross the Mersey" is one of my all time faves. RIP Gerry.


Aww, gee. Another one. I know a fellow who was in the band just before they hit big. Ian chose a stable career over being a musician, and tells me he never regretted his choice.

Gerry was one of the originals.

RIP, sir.


Not a great start to the year.

Saw him back in the 80's ,he was great fun.

RIP Sir.


He was FoB (friend of Beatles) from their earliest days. Same age is McCartney is now.

Let's not forget he was a Tennessean guy for quite some time.


Well...there's another ferried 'cross the Mersey.


Well...there's another ferried 'cross the Mersey.

– Proteus

Ferried 'cross the River Styx this time. Hope he had some treats for Cerberus, so as not to get chomped!

I always liked Gerry & co. --- the English Horn solo on "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying" always got me.


Sad news again..... Rest In Peace, Gerry.


.. this one got me in the feels.

RIP sir Gerry.

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