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RIP Frank Robinson


Baseball lost another legend today with the passing of Frank Robinson, MVP star with both the Cincinnati Reds and Baltimore Orioles. Being a lifelong Orioles fan, I remember well hearing that the Orioles had acquired him prior to the '66 season in exchange for Milt Pappas and the spark that gave the team for the '66 World Championship season.

Frank became the first African-American manager when he was named the player-manager for the Cleveland Indians.

He closed his career as #4 on the all-time home run list with 586. Steroid inflation has lowered that total to #10 at present.

Thanks for the memories, Frank. Requiescat in Pacem.


Another sad loss. Rest In Peace, Frank Robinson.


Frank Robinson was a ground breaker. Good player. Good manager. Excellent human being.


Frank Robinson was a legendary player and for good reason. He instilled fear in the hearts of opposing pitchers. One mistake and Frank would lose the ball in the seats.

He eventually became the manager of my San Francisco Giants too after he had been a player-manager for the Cleveland Indians. Having grown up in Oakland, it was like coming home for him.

Time has a way of stealing our heroes from us.


Having grown up playing Baseball, and in the Mid-Atlantic, the Orioles were one my two teams, the other the Phillies. I saw 1 game in old Memorial Stadium, later 60's.

I met Frank at the Brookfield Marriott in the mid-80's, we both were ready for Breakfast!

I think he said he was interviewing for the Brewers job...might have been an Awards Dinner?

All Stats pre-PED, if one were to cancel out Amphetamines..."Greenies" were quite the habit back in the day.

Great Career...

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