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RIP Bernie Wrightson


Legendary Horror and Comic artist Bernie Wrightson has passed. What a talent! RIP Bernie.


Sad news. Although he was more well known for his work in Swamp Thing and Creepy, Bernie had an amazing flair for visually interpreting all things macabre.

One of my favorites-- I'm a big fan of his work on House of Secrets and House of Mystery.


Sad to hear this. Berni was an original among comic book artists, and he was excellent!

I always enjoyed his covers for the various books that he drew. You could always tell a Wrightson cover.

Rest in peace, Mr. Wrightson. You were a tremendous talent who will live forever through your body of work!


I was a big fan of his stuff in Epic Comics reprints of Tales from the Crypt back in the '80s. I still have a bunch of copies bagged up!


Which brings up another interesting point-- I've seen his name credited as both "Bernie" and "Berni". Not sure which spelling he preferred, but he has signed work both ways.

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