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RIP Anthony Bourdain


CNN is the only one reporting it as a suicide...the story is still very new... I'll wait for confirmation on that. He certainly didn't seem the type (I know- alot of them don't). Heart attack or stroke would have been more expected, with all the smoking and drugs he did.

He got to travel the world as his JOB, had a lovely wife and a 13-year old daughter. What's not to love?

Loved this guy and his show. Kitchen Confidential was an awesome book (I keep a copy, it was so good.)


I’m on the train and my friend just texted me. This hits me really hard and was a huge fan. He was a very friendly and inviting guy from a few friends of mine that knew him.

Like Ruger said, so much good in his life and so much to live for. I knew he was excited with some projects coming up and was greatly responsible for the Chelsea Market that opened up in Manhattan.

I don’t use twitter or any of the social stuff but really connected with him thru his books and all the shows he had over the years. He was filming in France and found by Eric Ripert, acclaimed chef and good friend.

I was an immensely huge fan and kind of feel numb. He was interesting with dry wit that really put a smile on my face. He was a great ambassador for the “working chef” ..... the chef who wants to make a go of it via passion for food.

God bless his soul and may he Rest In Peace.


Very sad...I liked him from the first time I saw one of his shows. Blessings on his soul, and to his family is probably hurting.



I could have typed your post myself, Devil! My wife said "this one hits kind of hard because he brought so much joy and laughter into our lives, through his books and shows. We even saw him live!"

And, if it IS a suicide, it hits harder. Heart attack/stroke? Sure... he LIVED his life. He knew the rules. But suicide? He loved life, succeeded- was a millionaire doing what he LOVES doing (traveling the world- and even on someone else's dime!) Was happily remarried with a 13-year old daughter (apparently since divorced, as he was dating an italian actress in 2017). It's just hard to understand. Suicide would seem somehow.... unfair.... compared to health issues (eating rich food, smoking, lots of cocaine back in the day)

Prince- OD on pain meds. Sad and tragic. But it wasn't suicide.
Petty- ditto.

Bourdain affected me as much as Prince or Petty. Truth be told, probably moreso. Or at least moreso in the last 15 years of my life anyway.


Depresion and drugs can kill anyone.....very sad. Happiest apperaing people often are the closest to the edge.


Man, I liked that guy. I thought he was past fighting his demons. So sad. Gonna miss him.


From experience with friends I can tell you that a previous heroin habit takes many junkies into very dark places even after years of abstinence.


This hits me real hard. Im a professional chef and got into the industry a long time ago after reading Kitchen Confidential. I always enjoyed his writing and social commentary, his witty persona and no-BS attitude, as well as his great taste in music! I'm glad I got the chance to eat at Brasserie Les Halles while he was still the chef. Rest in peace Tony!


I'm sad to hear of his passing, but not surprised. Partly due to his past drug use & multiple failed relationships, he always seemed to me to be a somewhat fragile/troubled guy, despite his cocky outward appearance.

I greatly enjoyed his story-telling, & his takes on far-flung places. Some of which I've visited, and some that I'll likely never see first hand.

RIP Tony, and thanks for sharing some of your journeys with the rest of us.


Sad, I liked his show “parts unknown,” it was the only thing worth watching on CNN


I don’t know why I’ve been so persistent on “closure” but I really wish it was more of a mistake vs. there being some negative variable that was a catalyst to dark times.

After reading more, I read that Eric Ripert (his close friend and award winning chef) said Anthony did in fact hang himself. This hurts even more as I was hoping there wasn’t any emotional suffering that led up to this.

I was outside my office building about 30 minutes ago and couldn’t help thinking how his apartment is only a 15 minute walk but he will never be home again. Just a very sad day.


Very sad. Some people struggle with their demons more so than others.


OMG this is horrible. I love this guy. His shows were ostensibly about food but they were some of the best cultural examinations on TV. National Geographic wasn't as good. His programs gave an amazing inside view of different peoples, cities and cultures. His Part Unknown show on Israel and Palestine was a savvy and compassionate look at an impossible situation.

I loved Kitchen Confidential too.

This leaves a huge hole. Can't say that about too many TV show hosts.


...and he commits suicide...in the middle of filming a TV episode in France?? Does that seem a bit strange to anyone besides me?


I was a Fan of His shows. One of the few Shows I recorded because it was really worth watching, and I always looked forward to watching the latest DVR recordings late at nite while I was alone,(No distractions please).

The productions were excellent and very entertaining. Although I didnt always agree with his social commentary I understood where the man was coming from and his desire to make the World a better place.

"The mass of Men lead Lives of quiet desperation". Thoreau

R.I.P Senor.


So sad. He was such a compelling story teller.


...and he commits suicide...in the middle of filming a TV episode in France?? Does that seem a bit strange to anyone besides me?

– Rhythmisking

No. Depression gets you WHENever and WHEREver it wins the arm wrestle, it's a life-long battle. He lost the fight in France. Only he knows why, we never will. Maybe he didn't want a loved one/family member to be the one to find him?

Also, all the anti-depressives have the warning "may cause suicidal thoughts" (gee, thanks big pharma. Good job.)... the depression could have finally won. Or a med he was on could have caused it. Or even discontinuing a med could have caused it. We will likely never know.

You have to remember: "depression" and "being depressed" are not the same thing. We aren't just talking about an emotional state, we're talking about a chemical imbalance. That means it's involuntary. I have been depressed, even for months, but I have never once had the thought of considering suicide. I can't pretend to relate to or understand people who have this issue. Because it's not the same thing. Not even close.


Beyond sad. A huge loss for his family and friends, the culinary world, fans of his programs, and those who have read his books.

I have returned to Kitchen Confidential a number of times over the years. This book has led so many young chefs to persue their dreams, but armed with a whole lot of street smart knowledge of the real world restaurant life. I highly recommend this book.


I'm still a bit speechless. Working in TV, I often have wanted to work with him. He had something to say, which to me is rare these days. I also noticed — threaded through many news feeds today — that he resonated with a broad range of people, from all sorts of backgrounds. I'm still processing that one.

It hurts to lose a gem. He was that, no doubt.


He was the rock n roll TV food guy. Ramones shirt he sported often.


...and he commits suicide...in the middle of filming a TV episode in France?? Does that seem a bit strange to anyone besides me?

– Rhythmisking


People with severe depression fight that battle every single day. They only need to lose once.


RIP Anthony. Your books and TV shows brought me many hours of enjoyment.


Can't even begin to speculate how or why it happened, but what a loss. He wasn't my personal introduction to cooking (I was forced into it by an auto-immune disorder, not by choice), but definitely my favorite voice on the topic.


Anthony Bourdain (Tony) was best friends with my brother Jeff, starting around age 14. They started cooking together (if starting in a pizza place counts.) I was at some of the scenes he describes in Kitchen Confidential.

I travel a lot and Tony's name comes up often, unprompted, worldwide. Crazy, he reached everywhere. My brother posted photos yesterday of them at age 15, Jeff on the left, Tony on the right (Tommy, another friend, in the middle.) The news came as a terrible shock yesterday.


I've admired Anthony Bourdain for many years. I came to know a little bit about him through his television shows. He had a street wisdom that I could totally relate with, I had always thought that he would have been a good friend to know personally and hang out with. I am shocked and stunned over his death, I've been bummed out since learning of his suicide. RIP Tony, God bless your soul. I wish you could have sorted things out.

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