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When he wrote the song it had nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland...a crossroads for Audio meets the reluctant Video Star. -- Twangmeisternyc

Isn't that pretty much the way that it always used to occur? Rarely did the lyrics have much to do with the content of the video and vice versa.

By the way, does anyone else miss music videos besides me? I used to enjoy watching VH1 and MTV (before it jumped the shark) to see and hear the latest music videos. Being able to see a bunch of great gear was a real fun thing, I always thought.


In late 1981, I tried to explain MTV to my boss at our Holiday Party.

In so much as I can remember, I told him it would change most everything....blank stare resulted....

Oh, well...


But, do you miss being able to see the music videos on MTV and VH-1, Twangmeisternyc? For me, it was a learning tool about guitars and amps and the like.

Perhaps the recording industry is too de-centralized with the proliferation of home recording studios and the independent marketing of recordings to have music videos and television stations devoted to music videos. Where would they begin to start in terms of what bands' videos to air?


If I am not mistaken, there are videos all over out there on the internet, ... It is just MTV and VH1 faded away to other, more profitable, programming. Most of these videos are rather inexpensive to produce with today's gear...

For those first 5 years or so, it was a fun time as it was new and Music Artists and Film combined in a unique way. Then it became a back-breaker to compete, and expenses went crazy hoping your video would get airplay.

Different time then, lots of interesting videos even if Tom soured on "Don't Come around Here No More". He had a thought when he wrote and recorded the song, then every time he played it for an audience it was something different to them...


Internet killed the video star.


Internet killed the video star.

– Proteus

I suppose that you are right, Proteus, in that YouTube has now taken the place of what MTV and VH-1 used to offer us. Lord knows, I can kill countless hours watchingvideos there, but so many more of them now are concert videos, Which one could argue is even better in its own way.


Internet killed the video star.

– Proteus

Absolutely correct. Instagram and YouTube have replaced the MTV and VH1 era. The costs and time to make a video for a single have been, for the most part, replaced by instantly gratifying posts on IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media wants it now, the download and music streaming sites have changed the business game forever.

It’s a different world out there, folks. Try to keep up. Heaven knows, I am.


The best thing about MTV/VH1 was the fact that if you had a good video, you would get airplay, even if you were unknown. Lots of one hit wonders came from those videos, in the 80's. And lots of good tunes, and of course some bad, for the same reason.

I do miss it though. I hate reality TV and thank you MTV for that.

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