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Ric12string’s Hall of Fame Adventure


Rossington isn’t in good health, couple heart things.

Here’s an interesting photo, he’s the only one standing that’s still alive.


This is great. I love the info and pics. Can’t wait for more. I wish I was with you guys!


This is great. I love the info and pics. Can’t wait for more. I wish I was with you guys!



(Too precious an artifact to photograph.)

Zig, I myself make no bridges. As I was passing through central Ohio, where the bridges are lovingly crafted by garden gnomes and kind-hearted androids, I did take strenuous measures to ascertain that work was proceeding. It was.

– Proteus

Tim, I know you don’t make them yourself. That was tongue in cheek. I tried inserting a winky emoticon, so you’d know, but it didn’t show on the post. I got the “Aw Nuts” page every time I tried to edit the post. After several tries, I ran out of time and had to get back to work.


I know you know, you know. I just took advantage of the opening to clarify for innocent readers who might not, you know, know, and to (hopefully humorously) mischaracterize the diligent folk who actually do the work.

From whom I got a large box of bridges this very day, giving me something to do tomorrow in packing, invoicing, and preparing for shipment.


Well, this is certainly more exciting than my recent trip to the Bowling Hall of Fame in St. Louis. Turns out it moved to Arlington, Texas in 2010. Who knew?

Keep 'em coming, Bob.


I didn't realize before now that the design of the grounds of the museum were intended to resemble a record player. Had I have known, I would have paid some attention to it.


Who wants to play RRHoF Guess What?

We'll start with this lovely garment. Whose was it? For extra credit, from what era?


That's even harder than Ric12's Park picture teaser from last week...!

Cab Calloway?

I hope Smokey wouldn't be wearing that...

I think David Bowie stole that idea...


Neither of those fellows, no. Clue: artist is still living, and has been active from the mid-50s up to the present (but with no chart presence for the last several decades).


Ding ding ding! Little Richard it is - but from 1970.

Rock couture caught me by surprise at the HoF. My wife is a hopeless fabric collector, superb seamstress, and quilter, and I've learned to appreciate and be fascinated by fabrics, garment craftsmanship - and to a much lesser extent, fashion. When we watch movies together, we discuss the costuming - so when the Hall turned out to have as much clothing as gear, I was able to appreciate it on its own terms. (Quite aside from the pieces which prompted "iconic" memories.)

I noticed that most rock costumes/outfits have been made of rich and elegant fabrics, and put together with superb tailoring. You'd feel rich just wearing the stuff - though I doubt any clothes could transform my lumpy rumpled lack of stage presence.

The Little Richard jumpsuit shown here is an exception to the general rule of bespoke quality. He may have looked fabuwwous wearing it - with more than enough personal charisma to light it up - but the cut seems ungainly, the (double-knit?) material looks cheap, and even the tailoring has amateurish touches.


Round Two

Whose guitar?


(To expand on RickyBob's discussion of Skinny Leonard, I know we're all aware here of Ed King's role in that band. Ed was shown at the hall as part of Strawberry Alarm Clock in a movie loop playing in an exhibit focused on the music of the 1967 Summer of Love.)


I figured LR to be too obvious...

I remember a TV show a long while back where Ed was telling all the good stories of being on the road with SAC. That had to have been fun for a young guy lucky enough to be swept into that wave.

This guitar will take some fact checking...


Elmore James ("got nothing on this baby...")


Ding ding ding! Indeed the signage attributed the guitar to Elmore James. (Though the adjacent AFM contract and letter were John Lee Hooker's.)

I didn't take a picture of the asset card for the guitar, so can't say if it was a (the?) guitar Mr James used for his seminal recordings. From the primitive appearance and condition, it certainly could be. But that 15th-fret neck joint would have left the 12th easily accessible for his signature slide lick that was one of the foundations for rock & roll - and explains why his licks rarely ventured above the 15th.

For me, the HoF is at its best in bringing us face-to-face with instruments that shaped the music - because in some cases we can see how they did so.


What's wrong with this picture?


What's wrong with this picture?

– Proteus

Are you limiting this to just one thing?


Well, one major thing, I think obviously - from which all the other wrong things would naturally follow...


C'mon, someone answer the question. You guys are no fun to play games with. Winner gets a bottle of cucumber water!


I know, I know...raising hand/arm with grade school ADD...

No Tru-Arc!

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