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Retired Yesterday


Congratulations. Now folks will start asking you what you are doing with "all that time". Don't let them get you concerned! You will find that there is still hardly enough time to get in all of your "busy doing nothing" things. I am nearing my 6 years retired mark (went at 61) and I don't regret doing it one single bit. People will ask if you "miss work"...I haven't "missed" one single day (and I was fortunate in that I actually enjoyed my job). My recommendation to anyone contemplating retirement is to do it at the earliest possible moment.


Congratulations! Live long and prosper.


Congratulations! Hope I make it to retirement. Must feel great!


Thanks, folks! I suppose I won’t be completely retired. Gonna play a lot more gigs, fix guitars and basses (on a small scale to start with) and start a small handyman business. We’ll see where it all goes. I’m looking forward to the flexibility and being able to chart my own course. I will definitely be spending more time on the sailboat, which is why, Rob, I won’t be moving to TN - there’s no ocean there.

– Zigracer

I know you made the right decision and I can read a "glow" from your comments. You certainly have my respect and admiration for your years of service and I wish that every day you discover a new part or piece that lets you know that it was time to retire.

You have time to invest in yourself and I wish you the most of happiness and best of health....You deserve it!!!


Congrats on joining the club. I've been a member for almost a year now.

The hours are great, but the money sucks.


Thanks again, friends!


Congratulations on your retirement Zigracer. Have fun, get some playing in!


I've been retired for nearly eight years now. What I do miss are some of the folks that I worked WITH, not the ones I worked FOR. Some of the shows were a joy, most were a PITA. I don't miss the 18 hour days, getting home at 3AM, and back at 7AM at times. Often, I wouldn't have a day off for a month straight; rarely had a two day weekend, much less three days. I'd often be the last person on campus after a show. Being a stagehand, we were always the "First In, Last Out", as the Grateful Dead's crew shirts read. The show might have been fun, but the 8 hour load in and 6 hour load out weren't---especially when it was -20F. Summer gigs at our bandshell when it was 95F and 100% humidity weren't a joy, either. Still---it beat working in a factory or in retail.

Some of the people I worked alongside with made it worthwhile. If I couldn't have a laugh or two during a long day I'd've quit long ago. The sad part is that they're all working the same hours and have no free time either. I get to see them all too rarely.

I do get to see my grandsons and daughter and wife all with their eyes open now. Getting to have normal hours makes the difference. Sadly, now that I have time to play music, arthritis is making that impossible. Still, I try when I can.

The one thing to remember is to keep active. Better to wear out than to rust out. I can enjoy those afternoon naps---I'm still catching up on sleep from being in the service. As Warren Zevon told us, "Enjoy every sandwich." Have fun while you're here. Enjoy the ride.


I retired last night, but I had to get up again this morning. I can't quit working until after 2028, when the twins have finished their educations. I'll be 80 then.


I did 30 yrs in LE,retired in '13 and havent had a bad day since.People often ask "but dont you get bored"? My answer is,"if I do,I know its nap time"


Congratulations - it’s a tough way to earn a living.

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