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Hey guys,

We had a Facebook live event recently but I was wondering has anyone here jammed with anyone remotely and opinions on the best way to do this with what equipment and which site are you using?

Ours was kind of low tech. What are y'all doin'?


A crowbar is always useful for extracting yourself from a remote jam.

Actually, I haven't done it yet. I imagine that internet latency could be a problem, but I'm not sure how much of a problem.


I imagine that internet latency could be a problem

Not the way I play.


Well, as unimpressive as it sounds, we did our facebook live on my I-phone 11. It actually didn't turn out awful. It wasn't as professional as "the pro's" are doing it but it was on budget.

We did some tests by moving the phone to different areas in the room and manipulating amps and PA speakers. Facebook Live with the wives was what we called it and reserved it to their ears only until we had our actual event.

Karolyn had a thought about us doing a virtual roundup but I just wondered how something like that may be pulled off or is it even worth it?


I watched Eddie Angel's (Los Straitjackets) and it looked like they were going straight from iPhone.

I performed in an online Zoom stream with my fiancee and I went XLR into my Mbox One for both her mic and my guitar and it sounded fine. I need a pre-amp for her mic for the next time we do it, but even then straight in it sounded fine.


A virtual round up via Skype or Zoom sounds like a great idea!

As for jamming via the ‘net, tried it with Wheelgrinder a few years ago and the latency killed it. Also, Skype (and maybe Zoom) seems to give superiority to who ever is speaking, so if 2 people are speaking (or playing) at once it gets a little confused.


I guess we could all put a little prelay on our signals to compensate.


So the more people logged into something like that will slow things down or interrupt too, right?


I don’t know if the amount of people in the meeting affects things. If there’s only one person making a noise any amount can listen in from what I’ve seen. The problem seems to arise when 2 people try to talk at once. The app doesn’t know which one to prioritise so gets a bit confused (I’ve been doing a lot of online meetings lately).


Oh yeah, I forgot that besides shooting the shit and laughing til it hurts that people play music at Roundups, too.


I too miss all aspects of the actual event, Bob. Sad situation.


I would think that any sort of online jam - with any connectilatency issues any of however many participants might have - would sound for timing and tuning much like we sound after dark on Friday night anyway.

Only not nearly as loud. For greatest similtude, we'd have to either wear phones or jack our computers through the biggest stereo or other gear we have. Might have to do it in our garages.

And ferGAWDsake, don't nobody record it! Such jams exist in many realities: there's the shared reality of what it ACTUALLY sounds like, to any dispassionate and objective listener (which is why we wouldn't record it); and there are the virtual realities between our ears, where we each hear our own personally filtered and idealized version.

Notwithstanding our protestations, pure volume does help. It provides the energy to power and align those subjective individual realizations. From the saturated sonic plasma of air that couldn't carry any more acoustic energy (without permanent injury to those in its focus), our brains construct such realities as may be mediated by our store of past experiences; musical preferences, skill and taste; current physical condition and state of mind; the interpersonal social gestalt of everyone involved; and possible extent of chemical and/or natural perceptual enhancement (degradation).

I don't know if all that can be simulated online.

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