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Red Hot Chili Peppers


My exotic Hot Pepper crop is starting to come in...

I have 4 different kinds of plants growing, 3 are of the Thai Birds Eye variety. You have to grow your own...not easily found in Food Markets.

I made spots along the back of our property for 13 plants this season. We use our Irrigation System to water 3 days/week.

My wife planted a "token" Bell Pepper plant...we've had a grand total of "one" pepper.


This first grouping of plants became container-bound before I could get them in the ground because of our long cold Spring.

When in Charleston, SC it was easy. Big beautiful plants...

We've learned a lot about the growing season here in the Foothills West of Reno. Wait for the Snow to melt, no need to plant before the 4th of July. Start seeds April 1.

These plants are not even a foot tall...now loaded with fruit...Bonzai Thai Peppers!

Experienced Red Hot Chili Pepper fans should take heed...

1 per serving is not enough, 3 is too many...kinda like strong liquor.


someone say Red Hot Chili Peppers?


I used to grow all kinds of peppers but now just Ghost Peppers and Greek Chili Pepper.

Your chilies look great.


I’m trying to envision the tiny tube socks those chili peppers would wear on stage…


finally, red hot chili peppers i don't hate!


Love hot food. I grew some Jalapenos that ended up being as hot as a habenero. I still have some of those frozen. I had one plant and it put out way too many peppers that year.


I had a great crop of Jalapeño peppers this year. I pickled most of them, and I'm patently waiting for them to stew together. I usually let them sit for a month or two, before opening. I canned 8 quarts of Jalapeños this year.


Love peppers, just can’t take the extreme heat anymore. This year it’s Ancho, Poblano and Arbol chiles on the back deck.


I had a squirrel attack early this morning on my most recent plantings. One is badly damaged, the other quite injured.

And nothing was eaten, just ripped apart and shredded...Rascal!

A couple different squirrels had been eating my wife's Dianthus, so I made Chicken Wire baskets for those.

They are now fully flowered up again. I think it was revenge! I've had plants outside for 6+ weeks...

I just hope they bite into one of those Thai chiles...it will be payback time.

It is a live and learn experience for all...next year I'll have this all ducks in a row.


Sometimes you feel a little bit "Green"!

Sweet Bell, Thai Bird's Eye, Serrano, Jalapeno M , and then yet another Thai variety within the Serranos...the littlest one. Those plants were last in...hopefully get a crop.

The Thai Bird's Eye have been fantastic. Those were started before the others...

We are supposed to have a very cold night. last night upper 40's F.


I've been ignoring this thread for a month. It just dawned on me that it might be about the fruit, not the band.

My wife and I planted a garden this summer for the first time. We included jalapenos and bell peppers. The jalapenos turned out okay. At first, a few big ones came in, but ever since, they've been pretty small. I'm assuming that's because there was plenty of rain early in the summer, and we're terrible about watering. Presumably the lack of water has stunted their growth? Only one bell pepper.


Water and a Miracle Grow-type blue liquid fertilizer goes a long way...

The issue this year was timing with our cold spring, and getting the irrigation points set up.

I'm going to harvest a lot of the green Thai Bird's Eye later today...have plenty of red ripe ones in the freezer.

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