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Receipt for Vox Wah Wah London 1967


Just sorting through some old group equipment documents and found receipt dated 14/07/67 for purchase of brand new

Vox Wah-Wah pedal

bought from
Macari's Musical Exchanges
100 Charing Cross Rd. W.C. 2 London Price £16.10.0p

Some of our UK friends may remember MME.

I always kept all receipts when playing in bands over the years It really used to anoy Inland revenue when you could prove what you were claiming expenses.


A 60s Vox wah was the first one I ever played. They came in this black vinyl bag with white piping. I tried to use it in a stage band for one short pianissimo passage but it hissed if it was turned on. Dude leading the stage band said "get rid of it."


I found the Vox wah wah pedal to be very useful when I finally understood its potential. Never having seen or heard of one before, I saw it in shop window and just had to have it. I was plugging my Gretsch 6119 Tennessean into it and then into a Watkins copycat echo and then into Burns Sonic 50W transistorised amp.

It never hissed any of the time I used it. with the pedal at its most base sound I could overdrive the copycat and get a fuzz sound (Rolling Stones satisfaction) With pedal pressed fully down to full treble it gave an immediate boost to solos This was in addition to usual wah wah effects (Hendrix)

It added a new range of sounds to my Tenny.

Unfortunately it got either lost or stolen I was never sure which.

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