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Quincy Jones interview


Here's Hamp rockin' out — Middlesbrough football ground 1978(-ish). I was going through my high-contrast phase at the time!


You gotta admire a man that speaks his mind.


He's candid, forthright and speaks his mind on subjects and people he doesn't admire very much, but he had his moments of clamming up as well...Cosby.

Addendum: Oh, and I do not admire the gutter mouth. It's not necessary, but I know many people, if not most, cuss as easily as they breath. It's a bad habit.



I have much more admiration for people who choose their words thoughtfully.

A for Quincy Jones, he did produce "It's My Party," so he can't be all bad.


I thought it was fun. I liked the swearing and trash-talking. I disagreed with some things he said, but that’s to be expected.


I have to disagree with the idea that be-bop was not emotional music. When I hear it, I hear a lot of emotion - mostly anger and frustration, and a yearning to escape the circumstances that provoked that anger. Brilliant, passionate, highly trained black musicians who were constantly confronted by stifling prejudice crafted be-bop as a way of fighting back: not only were they not stupid, they were capable of a sophistication and complexity almost undreamed of by many of their white contemporaries.

Most listeners hated it because you couldn’t dance to it, or just found it incomprehensible. I get that. Sometimes I hear it and it’s so insistent, so demanding of my complete attention, that I just don’t have the time and energy for it. It can be explosively joyous, transcendent, and revelatory, but it isn’t always easy listening.

It takes a lot of feeling, and a lot of courage, to look at an unjust world and respond by creating something at least intended to be pure and beautiful.

So there you have my little essay, “What Be-bop Means to Me.” Now back to our scheduled programming...


"We wanted a music that they couldn’t play.” - Monk


LOVE QJ musical contribution to music....this article not so much!

UD (Uncle Don)

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