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Quincy Jones interview


There is lots of swearing, and things that you will almost certainly disagree with, perhaps vehemently, but this is "real talk"as the kids say from someone who's seen it all. Trigger warning: Beatles content and some political talk.

Fascinating and informative to me.



He's so candid! A lot of it is on point for a guy with his perspective. I do love Paul McCartney's bass playing though. I also love Ringo's drumming. I don't care for bebop much even though I respect the musicianship. Music has to connect. Most bebop sounds disconnected. It's too much brain and not enough heart. That's just me though.


I agree with his thoughts on pop music. Interesting thoughts on Michael Jackson and Marlon Brando. I disagree about McCartney and for the rest of it, I think he sounds a bit self-serving and name-dropping. But, then again, the man can drop some names because he's been there and done that. A bit disingenuous though, imo, to spill on some things but then get all "we shouldn't talk about this in public" about other topics.


Quincy has been in his 80's for half a decade...you all need to take this lexicon with a grain of salt.

Great career, great experiences...good for him!


I agree with most of what he said. Using music to make quick money does not result in good music. As for the Beatles, when they came out, I was not impressed by their musicianship, and l considered them rather like a social phenomenon, a sort of substitute for religion.


I like him more now, He summed up the Beatles playing ability forthright, they were never really great musicians..but they still WROTE amazing songs and recorded like no others so he's only half right on that account.


I read it earlier today after a friend sent it.

My first reply, "He cusses way too much."



You gotta respect a guy who doesnt hold back and calls it the way He see's it. And He's pretty much seen everything.


I love Quincy's arrangements, but as a kid, growing up hearing the Beatles (and seeing them live once) I couldn't ever imagine anyone of Mr Jones' associates being able to (for example) write & play the excellent and amazingly-creative bass part in 'All my Loving' and sing the tune over the top (at that time anyway) much less approach that voice.. Remember, there were no precedents then, (Glen Miller, Lonnie Donnegan and Bill Haley maybe) so hindsight & 'snide story-telling' and musical eletism are relatively cheap to manufacture.

I can't imagine anyone ever being unimpressed with Elenor Rigby, either, which is more than I can say for many of Jones' efforts (and I have Q.J. albums and other producer and arranging works by him, inc. his Michael Jacksons works.

The Beatles have sold more than 600 Million albums worldwide.... So I suppose commercial envy couldn't be a part of it either? along with controversy just for its own sake, and a little extra publicity for someone who now has relatively little current profile in music sales markets.?

Ringo was a great drummer for the Beatles, and so creative and inventive, and to slag him off and pretend musical superiority is infantile. He didn't claim to be Gene Krupa or Buddy Rich. He was just the best and most creative Beatles drummer possible. Alan White and the Wings drummers over the years were different, but never ever creatively superior to Mr Star. Few of Jones' associates have ever come up with such licks and phrases like George Harrison did either..

Much of Jones' criticisms seem to me to be like sour grapes aligned with a very healthy dose of senile dementia, and lots of Tourette's syndrome.


I enjoyed that interview!


Modest he ain't.


Thanks for the for the link, I enjoyed reading it.


a bit arrogant, do you think?


Arrogant? Maybe. Maybe he has the right,after all he's been through and done. Certainly not how a humble man would talk. His language isn't much worse then mine, If I were in the locker room with a bunch of the guys. He's certainly put in the work. I do agree with a lot of his points on music today and Rap/Hip-Hop but I don't agree with his stand on the Beatles. I'm not the best musician and maybe it's just me but some of their songs are nearly impossible. Blackbird comes to mind. Sure, I could probably learn it if I took the time but I have better things to spend my musical time with like making my own music. He's been way to successful to be dismissed, for sure.


Jazz musicians by and large have always been dismissive of rock/pop musicians, regardless of their musical capabilities, simply because they are not Jazz musicians . . . Nothing to see here and nothing to get hung about. Q is entitled to his opinon and has every right to express it, regardless of if I agree with it. (I'm not a Jazz musician and I love the Beatles.)

Edit: Actually this dismissive attitude is not just held by Jazz musicians. It's generally held by any musician in a genre who considers itself "Pure" . . . And to which almost every musician can fall victim.


What a difference a day makes...or fifteen years or so. Here is an interview with a somewhat kinder and gentler Quincy Jones. (Before the 10 million dollar lawsuit against the Jackson estate.)

A remarkable history lesson


I enjoyed the interview and my take on it is when you’ve been battling gravity for 80 years and you’re still winning you’ve earned the right to say what you want as bluntly as you want.

He's probably a fun grandad too ha ha

– Deed Eddy

my mama raised me on Ray Charles, sooo good


Thanks for sharing that, Ms. Deed. It's an interesting read. It's crazy to read how they did things so young without parental guidance and such. That wouldn't even be allowed today. Imagine how much music/art we would have missed out on if things were like today. Not saying things were better but it certainly would have changed history.


Wow, what a great interview (no, not the one about the Beatles). Thank you Deed. I saw the Hampton band in the late '70s: they opened a three-day jazz festival up in North-east England, where I was living at the time. They absolutely rocked the place -- I just wish he'd tried that trick of getting the sax section into a passing taxicab in mid-number!

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