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Question for home recording folks: Band in a Box


Since Covid was ramping up in March and at 68 years old and I've played music much of all my life. Now, I've been pretty much been a recluse in my home mini studio, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Years ago, I discovered Band in A Box and always used it as a backing track program for different progressions. Most playbacks were a little cheesy I will admit. I say, maybe not now.

I've upgraded to the most current version and I will tell you that I am having a blast. Again, I don't jam with other musicians so this is a great tool for me. To be clear, it's not the end all and be all. I use Logic X for the final mix and recording.

Anyone out there use this? Thoughts?


Any tool that helps you flesh out an idea and have the song realised ,before it dies ,is a good tool. I do like the idea of typing in the chords and having auto-backing. Will check it out

I've recently gone back to my CR78. the lack of options works well for me.


CR78 by Roland?....Now there is something that you don't hear about every day. Had one back in the day.


Never heard of Band in a Box! I'll check it out. Thanks Hogman!


It's better to live in a studio than to record in a home!


As Billy says. But for those of us who lack access, BBox is actually a pretty cool tool for jamming or for working out arrangements for demos. As for use in actual recording, I've used it, but you have to be prepared for a lot of massaging of the midi tracks it creates. I tend to use it as an extremely sophisticated click track, then layer my own stuff on top of it. The one track that I do often keep are the bass tracks, since most of the stuff I do can survive without a lot of work in that area (please forgive me bass players). As for drums, strings, etc, I almost always use my own ideas. Overall BBox is a great tool for songwriting and jamming. Definitely worth the time to get to know it well...


I have found happiness and mental stability in my life since the age of 13, by recording my songs on ANY format I could use. As long as you're creating, don't worry about anything else. In my experience, recording at home and alone is WAY more satisfying than any fancy studio or personalities that go along with that.

I can't wait to hear what you come up with....if you choose to share it!


Would love to share but trust me I ain't any good. Maybe one day when my playing is better, and keep time and knowing something about chord structures. It's a big list.


CR78 by Roland?....Now there is something that you don't hear about every day. Had one back in the day.

– Hogman

I love em! Great feel and instant I’m a big fan of vintage drum machines


General Lee, I agree that the program is not the best for recording, vocals come to mind. Your right in that it's more of a songwriting and arrangements program. What I'm starting to do create as much as I'm are comfortable with BinaB. Most of the time I add a real tracks. Many options that I can choose from and way better than what I could ever do. FYI, I'm using the current version 2020 Ultra version for Mac. I've been using Logic X for a while now so for me once I'm satisfied the the project I'll move it over to Logic and go from there. I find that allot of tracks are wave files but when I load them into Logic, I convert them into midi track. More flexibilty to make voicing changes or notation corrections. Lets face it if you are posting your project you will have to render it. Besides mixing features in most, if not all, DAWs are better than BB.

I'm not a musically creatiive person so this enables me to interpret a tune a little differently. Check on You Tube, Band-in-a-Box® 2020 MultiRiffs feature explored, using it only in Band-in-a-Box® and using the Chord Wizard if you haven't already.

Thanks for your comment. Hope this helps and have fun.

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