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Variety vs. Quality


For me, other than aesthetics (I know I know, “get over the gold-on-black thing.” That’s more for a certain onstage look, including my drums, but I DO love it) but it’s more about them having utility. Same with amps. And at this stage of the game for me, the focus is more geared to recording. That said, if I needed a guitar for a certain kind of sound: if it was available in gold/black, it was a bonus and I grabbed it.

A new unanticipated phenomenon for me is that some of what I have is perfect for what I got them for, but either a bit rare and/or a bit pricey. So I’ve caught myself being rather precious about them.

Ironic, in that I can take out one of my custom-built Sonor drumkits and beat the $#!+ out of ‘em without giving it a second thought, but the thought of bouncing around onstage with a few certain of my guitars makes me cringe.


But my 5120 Schoolhouse Special, 5422’s (6 & 12), Pro Jet, and MIM P-Bass are all great at their jobs and their quality on all levels is more than enough for them to be killer stage axes, along with their specific utilities in the studio, as valid as others in the stash that have different jobs and just happened to require a lot more cash to obtain them.


So, I'm sure this has happened to many of us. Someone says hey, checkout my guitar, it's really cool...and you see a pointy blue headless monstrosity of a guitar in the corner. You pick it up like it's a month old mackerel. But then.....you realise it plays like a dream. It sits on your lap like a kitten. The action is perfect. It makes you play the best you've ever done. You leave and mutter yeah, whatever. And you go home and miserably pick up your own guitar and struggle to get anything to work. But it's expensive. It's the right colour. It's the guitar that everyone says is a holy grail. You spent a small fortune on mods.


That would certainly be a let down, Vince.


Oh the joy of buying a cheapo guitar and loving it. My Eastwood Supro style twin tone is my fave. Two gfs surf 90s. My ugly gal that I love despite the dirty looks

Happy days


Anybody who has more that 15 guitars is just showing off.


There's some truth to that, and unsurprisingly, thats about where I keep my total. I have a lot of "professional" grade stuff - pre-1960 Gibson ES350, 300, L-7, SJN, Guild CE100, and Tele. I could conceivably trade 3 of them for an "artist" model, like a similar year Super 400 or J200 and sometimes consider doing so - probably appreciate faster, less space etc, but I'd wind up with a total closet queen that I'd be too scared to take out. So for now, I'm sticking with what I have.

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