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“Punk Rock”


Punk with Gretsch involved?


The Toy Dolls are still quite active. http://www.thetoydolls.com

– sascha

That's nice to know!

I went to their farewell tour more than a decade ago. Still got the signed T-shirt.


I gave those a listen, ChimingBell. Very cool! RAW!


And let's not forget FEAR!

Philly's own Lee Ving on vocals.


Yes FEAR! They had some great songs. New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones!

Brings back some memories for me...


i think my favorite Fear song is "I Don't Care About You."


Any love for “Urgh! a music war”?


Kim Shattuck of The Muffs has been a loyal Gretsch BST 1000 player for over 25 years. Still got that knarly voice and looks great at 55 years old. She was 52 when this video was made, I think.


Any love for “Urgh! a music war”?

– woodshedder

Absolutely, a killer movie. It has all my favorites; X, cramps, klaus nomi, dead Kennedy's


I gave those a listen, ChimingBell. Very cool! RAW!

– Suprdave

Thanks Dave !

We were and still are RAW For me, Punk was always music from the "scene - for the scene" and DIY all the way. Let me quote a song by the Wretched Ones which sums it all Up: "We dont need no steak, we eat hamburgers"


Also a huge band and still around. Metallica still covers that song live


The first punk rocker. He started it all and he had no idea.


Punk is as much about approach and attitude as it is about style. This debate has been raging since The Clash put out Give 'em Enough Rope, which many UK punks rejected as no longer punk. But it's not just about rudimentary chords and rough production and prioritizing passion over musicianship/musicality. Some punk is tuneful and even complex. I think Ezra Furman is most definitely punk, or at least has sufficient punk sensibility both musically and socially. His latest record is a kick in the ass. I know his gender politics might disturb some members. But they are punk as well. And this song, the opening cut on his recent Transangelic Exodus is righteously and exuberantly punk. And brilliant. I highly recommend the whole record.


I could stay here all day talking about this... but am unfortunately time poor at the moment. To Nick's original question about 'recent bands', I'd like to suggest the very excellent Flatliners. Their latest album is less punk than they used to be - bear in mind they've been active for 15 years, even though they're only in their very early 30s!

Hope you're all doing well out there.


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