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PSA - NHL @ Lake Tahoe Feb20-21


That's crazy cool! I really missed the Winter Classic, the one sports event I look forward to.


I went to the last Winter Classic at the Cotton Bowl featuring the Dallas Stars vs the Nashville Predators.

It was the best sporting event I've ever attended!

Well, besides my two 1st place wins in Pee Wee Junior High football back in the 70s!



Us folks here in BC and Alta have always thought that Jan/Feb game played on frozen Lake Louise would be a spectacular setting. This year would be good as no fans are allowed at games anyway.


I hope some of you are tuning in today...much better start time. Beautiful up at Tahoe.

The C130 that did the fly by low along the Lake next to the rink was soaring a couple hundred feet over the house a minute ago heading back into the Reno-Tahoe Int'l Airport. LOUD!


Watching now. 2-2 after one period, lots of scoring!


Go Bruins!

They even had the sun in their eyes for the first period (whose idea was that? Very poor planning.)


It was just a couple minutes, consider it a handicap given the Flyers had 6 starters out, and even when they have them in the Bruins keep beating them.

Rask had his pick of Sunglasses or Visor, too, they all did. Original Start Time was much earlier, Sun would have been more unfair.


Bruins had 6 starters out too – and lost a defenceman during the game.

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