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PSA - look what I’m getting for free


Musicians Friend Stoopid Deal had this today for less than half price. When I went to checkout, I noticed that I had many loyalty points that I have ignored until now. I pushed the “apply points” button and, to my surprise, I’m getting it for free! Anyone try one?


Cool, Bob! Like finding money in your winter coat that you left there from the previous season. Unfortunately, I didn't have any loyalty points with them, so came up as $79.00. Enjoy!


No, but the new Supro stuff seems to be mighty fine. I believe it’s some ex-EHX guys who are associated with Pigtronix. Good pedigree, and I’d expect them to understand fuzz. You got ya both treble and bass controls, which usually means a better-than-basics unit.


Man! That's a win, win. Give us a revue when it arrives.


Me likey too!! looks so old school!!


I need to check this out. I’m feeling the need for fuzz ever more strongly recently. I’ve got a cheep little Mooer thingy that just clamps down into full compression whenever I really dig in. Useless.


Same sort of thing happened to me recently when I gave my telephone number (attached to our grocery account) to the Guy at the Shell gas station......I got 50 cents off a gallon on my fill up . I love it when unexpected windfalls come my way, I'm a big Fan of Supro stuff too, Have fun !!

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