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PSA: Big Lazy is going back into the studio


Just got an e-mail from Stephen Ulrich via Kickstarter that they are planning to go into the studio to create Big Lazy's 6th release.

The last release, "Don't Cross Myrtle", was sponsored via Kickstarter, and they are hoping to repeat their previous success.

The Kickstarter campaign can be accessed here, and the campaign closes June 21st.

If you're a fan of Big Lazy's music, you know what this is all about. As a sponsor you can pledge from various levels - some of which include rewards of download, signed CD, t-shirt, poster, 3 "twang" lessons from Stephen himself, etc... (I wish I could figure out a way to do this option - but Seattle to New York for 3 days...)

If you don't yet know about Stephen and the gang, check this link out. You won't be disappointed!

I can't think of a better way to participate in the next release from a wonderful artist!


Heyman, thanks for the pointer to this band. I wasn't aware of them, but I'm diggin' the aesthetic. Great to find good new music!


OK, I kicked in for The Swank - the new album plus CDs of all five previous. Sounds like music worth paying for. It's not obvious this will be completely funded. I'm with noiselab in encouraging those with an interest in rootsy original and innovative instrumental music to check this out.

What I hear reminds me a bit of our own Dawg's great project The Wagon Train's "Damnation Twist." With a bit of Bill Frisell and a few other high lonesome maverick twangsters. And it just couldn't be Gretschier in vibe.


Big Lazy are awesome! They sound like they should be the soundtrack for like every David Lynch movie


Tim, you will NOT be disappointed! The jukebox in my head frequently returns to Big Lazy tunes.


I've seen them a few times now, and they're always exciting. They get billed with Rockabilly bands, but they are definitely not just that, but rather, a really great mix of styles that make for a fractured blend of Joyous Noir that really works well with the trio, and could be found easily on a soundtrack for a David Lynch, as it could in a Crazy Eddie ad.

I really dig what they're doing.


We've chatted Big Lazy here several times...Buddy Mercury was doing Shows with them.

"Music to be driven to jail by" rings a bell!

And then the Aluminum Double-bass...and the 50's Jet Steve plays, too....


I'm a big Big Lazy fan and have been since their first album came out. I still remember loving the cardboard instruments on that first album cover artwork! Such an original, unique group!


Checking in! Buddy Mercury still does shows with them! Had one just a few weeks ago! Definitely hit up their kickstarter!

Stephen definitely moved from being "one of my favorite bands to do shows with" to "one of my dearest friends" can't say enough good things about the music and the humans.


Big Lazy is one fine band. Can't wait to see them again.


The best band in the world! I always knew this music existed, but didn't know where. Until Paul Pigat posted about them here a couple of years ago. I'll look into that kickstart thing.


Dig deep and help these fellas out!! You won’t regret it!!


After my pledge, I got this in an email from guitarist Stephen Ulrich:

Thanks to you we are at 65% of our goal with 5 days to go. If you'd care to share our story it'd be a great help in these last few days of our campaign. Much of the action in a KS campaign happens in the last few days, right up to the last minute. As you might know Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing endeavor; if we don't hit our goal by the deadline we don't get any of the album funds.

Short link to Big lazy campaign: https://kck.st/2LP0yoJ
Big Lazy Kickstarter ends Thursday June 21 11:59pm

Can't wait for you to hear this album.

Regards, Stephen Ulrich

So, one two, you know what to do.

I'm not a big promoter of much of anything, particularly not through anything that smacks of social media, and I don't think I'm much of a bandwagon-hopper. But as artists with a unique musical vision that lands right in our twangin' wheelhouse, I think Big Lazy is worthy of our support - and I want to hear this new album!

Line up and sign up now.


Spread the word!

After the last Kickstarter/album effort, Stephen and I have been in e-mail contact off and on. Stephen reminds me a lot of our own dearly respected Paul Pigat. Both are monsters in their own right, and both are the most humble, down-to-earth, authentically good guys you will ever meet.


Just so everyone is aware: Stephen and the band made their pledge goal before the deadline. Looks like we get a new Big Lazy release in the near future!

Thanks to all who participated.


Just received the new Big Lazy CD, "Dear Trouble", in the mail yesterday, and I'm totally blown away by it.

I think this might be Stephen and the gang's best work yet. The disk delivers a boatload of dark, articulate & wet slink and twang in the typical Big Lazy way. This time around, they've also included guest artists such as Marc Ribot (guitar), Steven Bernstein (trumpet), Peter Hess (saxes, clarinets and flute) & Marlysse Rose Simmons (Farfisa organ) sprinkled across the various tunes.

Highly recommended!


I just saw them a few weeks ago in New Orleans at the perfect venue for that music.

It looked like the set of Twin Peaks, and I was half keeping an eye out for a backwards speaking midget.

The music, and especially the new cd, sounds fantastic.

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