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Prometheus Movie ?


My question is simple, what was it about?

I am a big "Alien" movies fan, and I've seen them all. I saw "Prometheus" when it came out, but to this day, I still don't really understand what it was about.

I paid close attention, I've read synopses, and still, I don't get it.

The next movie is coming out, "Alien: Covenant," and I'm exciting, but I want to understand the previous.



"Prometheus" is like the movie "Brazil," no matter what I read about it, or how many times I see it, I still don't really understand what I'm supposed to get from the plot, the meaning.

Regardless, let's stick with "Prometheus."



It seemed like a prequel to Alien to me.


That's amusing, and yes, that much I got...



I wouldn't recommend giving this film too much thought. It vainly tries to take on some big themes, but even Von Daniken himself would be amused at the hollow and unintentionally hilarious reading of his old hokum.

Damon Lindelof is welcome to the screenwriting credit for contriving yet another narrative that eats its own tail. In fact, that's what it's about- Lindelof's recurring dream about a giant Benzine ring. That rolls over Charlize Theron.


I thought that the main theme was that, even when playing one tough cookie, Charlize Theron is hot.


I bought it, watched it and then told my daughter to give away to anyone I didn't like. Utter crap.


I love when sci-fi movies get lost in their own self importance.

That's what this did and it suffers because of it.

I hope Covenant is a simple boys meets girls and go to another planet, only to get devoured by hungry, face hugging, xenomorphs story.


Except in Monster... where she won an Oscar and should... for looking UNattractive.

Which is a major feat for Theron.

Granted, it was the makeup artist that should get the credit (not sure if that won an Oscar too)... but her acting is brilliant.

As for Prometheus, I'm a HUGE Ridley Scott fan and I really really wanted to like it... but ... it was just a confusing mess.

Yes, it was visually stunning in places, but that's not enough.

I am looking forward to Covenant.


Thanks for all the current responses.

I still don't know what the movie was about. Am I not supposed to know?

"Covenant" is coming out May 19!

Addendum: As for Charlize Theron, boy did she luck out into a fabulous life, and at 19 no less. I do dig her, always have.



Recommended reading on all the Alien films- 'Strange Shapes'. Our host, a Mr Valaquen, gives Prometheus a fair reading and tries to unravel some of the subtext over several cogent articles with cited sources-


For a more esoteric interpretation of the Alien universe- 'Alien Explorations'. Prometheus is given an exhaustive opportunity to explain itself-


Hope this is good for you Indianation.


It's a movie. Period. Entertaining, but has nothing to do with reality. Enjoy it for what it is.


I think the original idea was for it to be an Aliens prequel but it morphed into something else.


Well, if you guys are going to spend time talking about her, it doesn't really seem fair to those who may not be familiar with her to not put up her photograph. So, here is a photo so that everyone will know just who it is that you are talking about. It might also make the thread somehow more attractive and desirable to spend some time in.

By the way, it is doggone hard to find any photos of Charlize Theron in which she doesn't look simply tremendous. Some are more magnificent than others, but there aren't really any bad ones. She hit the gene pool jackpot, that girl, and was blessed with quite comely features.


In fact, that's what it's about- Lindelof's recurring dream about a giant Benzine ring. That rolls over Charlize Theron. - ade<

Funny, this is the only part of the movie I remember. Too bad. I remember hoping that she might become another Ripley...


The only reason I mentioned the lady at all is because her character had the misfortune of having a spaceship doughnut-roll towards her and not having the perspicuity to simply step out of its way.

You'd be better off uploading one of those Captain Picard facepalm photos, Ric.


No, Adrian, I am quite fine with the photo that is already uploaded. And, if you aren't, my friend, then we need to have a little chat.


Seems the entire movie took place within the first few minutes. Alien ship lands on ancient earth, alien takes a swig of a liquid, alien begins to dissolve and falls into the rushing rapids of a giant river, thereby granting earth the DNA to begin human kind.

After a while, they are disgusted with their creation and plan to unleash the Xenomorph bio weapon on the planet removing human kind. After that... your guess is as good as mine. Seems I wouldn't take their ship to their planet to ask why as did the good doctor...


I was a big fan of the original Alien and Aliens and tried to like Alien 3, (with little success). Alien: Resurrection and the subsequent Alien vs. Predator movies just felt to me like vultures picking over the bones of a once-promising franchise after the talented people who created it had left.

So with the release of Prometheus, I was interested to see the franchise revived by the return of Ridley Scott and the origin story for the xenomorphic aliens. However, I've watched it three times and still have no idea what it's about.

As for Alien: Covenant, I'll probably just find my DVD of Aliens and watch that instead. Given the direction the franchise has gone, no doubt I'll find myself agreeing with Bill Paxton's character, Hudson, when he says:

"Game over, man, game over!"


Well played Ric! I still vote for the galactic explorer who had dignity, gravitas, an equally figure-hugging body suit and a decent script..


Well played Ric! I still vote for the galactic explorer who had dignity, gravitas, an equally figure-hugging body suit and a decent script..

– ade



We need to stop the Charlize Theron eye candy...at least until I hear back about cleaning her shower grout.

Where's Taffy when you need him...moving to Kentucky I presume?


I'm watching the Alien series (in the middle of 3 now) while riding my bike. Started with Prometheus. Didn't find it that hard to follow. Y'all need to lighten up on overthinking.

Not all movies are allegorical or have hidden meanings.


I love it, and for reasons entirely unrelated to Charlize Theron or Noomi Rapace for that matter. You haters need to read more H.P. Lovecraft. What's it about? A universe containing scary things that are godlike in comparison to humanity that may or may not have created us on purpose or by accident and think of us as playthings or food or a pestilence to be eradicated. It's best to not know. Our tiny brains couldn't handle it if we did.

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