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Prince’s Guitar sells for $700k


Julien's auction house says they sold a teal blue Cloud guitar used by Prince for $700,000. on Sat.


Well, there you go.

Teal! It's the right color to appreciate wildly in value. Its what we need on our 5422 12-strings.

Imagine what that guitar would've been worth had it been a Grestch!


Accompanied by a letter from the luthier claiming, “To the best of my knowledge, the guitar in question was made by me.”

Not one photo of Prince with said guitar. Apparently, he donated it to an auction for Earthquake Relief in LA, in 1994.

Seven hundred thousand dollars. Imagine the guitar from his Super Bowl show. Wowsers.


Pshaw, I say. Pshaw! Not worth a penny over $698,000.


One of his most used guitars(onstage and in studio)was a Tele knock off.


That would be this one, made by Hohner.


That's the one. And he made it seem like the best guitar on earth.


Yup, that knock-off Tele is what die hard Prince fans consider his guitar. Yeah, he had those strange Cloud guitars or the even stranger Symbol guitar, but it is that cheapo imitation Tele that is thee Prince guitar.


A friend of mine bought the exact same model from a pawn shop for $200. Made in Japan Hohner. He ended up selling it on eBay for $2500 a few years later.

I remember it was solid maple and a bit heavy. Sounded and played fantastic, though. I can see why Prince liked it.

BTW Hohner eventually tried to name the model the "Prince" model but Prince refused to allow it so it ended up being called the "Prinz" model.


That is one of the finest 'teles' I ever saw.

I bought a Hohner tele in the late 80's for £45. i still have it and probably still have all the bits that used to be on it, but I know for sure I removed the Hohner logo. I'm glad I got all that crap out on my system before I started buying Gretsches...


I'd surmise the white one from the movie would earn more.


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