Miscellaneous Rumbles

President George H.W.Bush:1924-2018 R.I.P.


For those who haven't seen it, here is W's eulogy to his father.

Devoid of all politics, like it SHOULD be, UNLIKE the McCain funeral.


Funerals of public figures, especially national public leaders, aren't just about personal farewells to the departed. They comment on the state of a nation, where it is, and where it should be. This has been the western tradition since Pericles funeral oration. And there was plenty of that at both funerals. It was just more subtle yesterday.


There was no obvious politics, other than political commentary from the media, in either the McCain or Bush funerals.

in the end, after an honorable life in politics, McCain left his beloved but unrecognizable party.

Bush Sr., in the end, refused to vote for the party he was born into, and his sons were asked to leave said party as well.



You knew that the comparisons were being made in a form that was respectful and dignified. It wasn't and shouldn't be about the present occupant, but it was a form of we had this, we have this now.

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