Miscellaneous Rumbles

Premier 71 photos


The thumb print will be preserved and celebrated.

While I don’t have a piano to drag out front, my plan is to sit on the porch and play this loud enough for my neighbors to hear. Maybe get a few of them dancing.


Hey Mun, what did he have tape over it? Do you still have the footswitch?

I'm happy your documenting his amp Here for us and everybody!

– Setzer

I dunno, I never heard him use the tremelo. My guess is that he pluged in the guitar there by accident and it made a bad hum.


On its way to you Ethan.


Deke Dickerson hunting down the Premier 71 knobs. Link


Knobs minus one. Believe it or not, my buddy stole one. Never fessed up or knows I know.

I wouldn't call him a buddy, anymore.


Not to worry, i know exactly where it is.


Not to worry. Already started making 3D printer reproduction knobs.


You da man ethan.


Not me. I’m a dope, but I have some pretty smart kids.

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